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  1. When you select a row or file in the list, make it highlight the entire row; Full-row select. This would make it much simpler to see what information is being viewed, especially when you cannot display the entire row length on the screen at once and you must scroll horizontally. Make the application collapsable / minimizable when it is scanning so that it may be moved out of the way. Add the ability to pause then start / resume again in the middle of a scan or process. Make the columns re-organizable; simple drag-and-drop resort. This way you may list information in the rows in different orders. Also add the ability for it to save / remember the current settings for the column and sort orders so when the application is started again they do not have to be set again by the user.
  2. - How about support for Linux, for any of your apps. or at least support ext file systems. - What about an option to see all connected storage devices, not just mounted storage devices. - What about the ability to fix file systems, something similar to the -f parameter with chkdsk in windows. or at least be able to check the file system integrity. - What about being able to scan the drive and even files themselves for damaged or bad sectors, and even an option for recovery if any are found. - GET RID OF THE Yahoo Toolbar OPTION!!!
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