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  1. Updated V1.29.295 lang_2052_V1.29.295_CHS_Raindy.zip lang_2052_V1.29.295_CHS_Raindy.zip
  2. HI! Please view the snapshot in the attachment I guess you must miss changing your language ID PS:2052-Chinese Simplified Language ID 1033-Original English Language ID
  3. Dear Sirs, As a Chinese user of CCleaner and a member of Software Localization Team I think the Chinese language file which is delivered with your software package has still a lot of space for improvements, for example, some translations are not accordant, some acceleration keys are set improperly, and especially, many English strings either remain un-translated or are translated wrongly. For this reason I have prepared a modified Chinese language file for your use, which you may find in the attachment. Thanks for your attention. Best regards, Raindy[sLT] -------------------- http://b
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