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  1. Just installed version 1.20. As mike42 already noticed, the bug is gone now . Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello Romanoff, thanks for that reply. It's good to know, that the developers are aware of this problem and someone takes care of it. I really like the Defraggler (and also the CCleaner). Thank you for offering these great applications for free.
  3. Hi folks, I just tried out version 1.19 of Defraggler. It immediately starts writing into the Master File Table area. So the bug is still not fixed in this version. I will continue using version 1.17, which is the last version that works correctly concerning the MFT. Btw., does any of the developers actually read this forum? It would be nice to hear your opinion about this issue.
  4. Hello ! After upgrading to version 1.18.185 Defraggler writes into the area that is reserved for the MFT. To verify that this behavior is new, I reinstalled version 1.17.172. After that, Defraggler works as expected again, i.e. the reserved MFT space gets not overwritten any more. Operating system: Windows XP, SP3 File system: NTFS Besides that bug (is it any?), it's a cool tool ! Thanks.
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