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  1. Dear crew, I would like to leave some suggestions about Defraggler, notice that I'm an experienced user and I guess that suggestions could be useful to real improvements: - In config menu, option could be individual for each disk, e.g., in C: I prefer do not move larger files, but in D: I do move them to the end, so each time users have to change configs depending the disk to defrag, as well, the option to move larger files could be exposed in the main screen instead of inside menus (just one of this would help, two would be perfect, just as in PerfectDisk); - Instead of close program by clicking 'X' button, should be some safer option, or send program to icon tray, or, at least, a confirmation, today I lost important data after click there accidentally; - Color map could be better illustrated. There are some errors in Portuguese (br) translation, if you need help I can point the errors and corrections for you. Regards, Gus Ramis (Brazil).
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