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  1. Do you guys like the new InstantSearch from Google? Well i LOVE it- it saves me 1 to 2 seconds a day. I do a bit of programming so I kind off see how to improve on some front end stuff. Would it not be nice to generate the Uninstall list as soon as the program opens - in a separate thread gather the data. I mean how OLD is clicking a button and waiting for the list to generate. But it would be nice if i click on Unistall and everything is there already or already somewhat loaded if I quickly click on to it. You could do the registry thing the same? Analysing the HDD for waste might be overkill.. but why not??! Dont get me wrong- when i want to unisntall something i open ccleaner- not control panel. Common guys you know its the right thing todo! Regards Peter at spam link removed by moderator
  2. Hi I am also a techi and majority of times its stop half the services (non microsoft) and 80% of startup items - maleware remove - done PC works like new. But there is the risk of disiabling something that the User does use! For eg A picture viewing client, banking software, driver related 3rd party. So a good technician would actually take the time to individually clean and optimize a computer per customer. As it is a - Personal Computer. All I wanted to say is.... wait for it.... AWESOME Software!!! Thanks Piriform
  3. Hi. The first thing that popped into my head is that the clock was set incorrectly when installation occured. This happens to me sometimes when installing a fresh xp after resetting bios and then changing time. After reboot windows moans that my 30 days expired and i HAVE to activate right away. Lol a microsoft I don't think thats a bug...
  4. Hi Thanks for creating ... wait for it.... AWESOME software I am sure that speccy will evolve into a great prog. I just wanted to add to the popularity of a different export type. or maybe a print option -> detailed or summary At a quick glance. I like it and will use daily to quickly and accuratley checks specs and current reports Thanks Piriform!
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