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  1. So my question is, why will it not clean? There is would be few answers 1 you got virus in temp folder like a trojan. download Unlocker 1.85 go to temp folder and remove those files 2 look on [#] tray notification cache. It is look like you hot somethink on right down side of your screen Make sure you close all run programm befor run CC, and you'll see it would clean lot of thinks
  2. Make sure you check every CC setings options and so on. Windows and Applications
  3. Looking pretty cool. Like to see what kind new changes in there will be. Hope it would be somethink big. Name CCleaner v2.0 look promising somethink BIG
  4. Kaiba


    ccleaner is that best program I see ever. I looking forward to see in next ccleaner more tools like fix .dll files or remove unremoveble. I was having a problem some idiotic virus. It was hiding in .dll files
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