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  1. Would it be possible to add to motherboard section the northbridge and southbridge temps. I was experiencing random crashes and found out in bios it was due to northbridge getting too hot with my overclock and voltage, would be nice to see that info in your program.
  2. Try setting your prefetch to boot only, prefetcher preloads into memory every single app youve used in the past. Goto Start, Run, type Regedit In Registry go to, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters Double click on EnablePrefetcher and change from 3 to 2. Goto C:\Windows\Prefetch And delete all the PF files. Reboot computer and you should get your average load up time now. If inside the prefetch folder after reboot isnt 2 files now, Layout and NTOSBOOT then you will need to rebuild them, if only one delete it. Then: Goto Start, Run, type Cmd In command prompt type Rundll32.exe Advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks If task manager is running you should see a couple of processes kick up, i think they was defragging ones (been a while since i used XP), once finished you should see the rebuilt files in the folder. Obviously being here i presumed all junk files are cleaned, registry is cleaned and hard drives are already defragged. Also if youve had windows a long time then youve probably added and removed quite a bit of hardware. It saves all this information and is best to remove. Goto Start, right click My Computer and choose Properties, in Advanced tab choose Environment Variables, in System Variables at bottom click New, add: Devmgr_Show_NonPresent_Devices and then for Value 1. Now reboot, Go to Start, Run and type Devmgmt.msc Goto View, Show hidden devices and delete all semi invisible things.
  3. Windows 7 found my sata raid stripe array no problems, i would recommend you format the hard drive / raid before you install windows 7 onto it though as W7 likes to create a seperate partition for you if unpartitioned so it can create one for Windows and one for backup and bitlocker which isnt needed as it will go same place as vista. Its nothing major on RAID but is on 1 hard drive, especially if you plan on creating backup partitions etc.. personally im quite weary of permanent system partitions and viruses etc anyway.
  4. Just been looking at your comp, are you definately installing most recent drivers available (3/5/2009)? http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Des...09&lang=eng And right clicking and running under admin?
  5. I would also like to add my thanks, when helping around in game and on various forums i can now point people to this program so they know whats inside their PC to update their drivers, good little program! Might be a worthy addition adding directx version and date.
  6. Yeah the @ makes it deceptive thinking thats what the processor is running at, i agree that it would be better if after @ it was realtime, stock speed in main CPU info.
  7. PerfectionisticD

    speccy gpu

    Do you mean core, memory and shader clock speeds aswell as pixel pipelines etc? I definately would like to see this information added!
  8. That would probably be a good idea actually, save looking at network connections status whilst already got speccy running (i have minimal icons in notification area). Also have current speed connection is capable of, as im using mobile broadband dongle in high signal area then 3.6mbps for example.
  9. Mine actually shows how much memory my graphics card has, what card you using? Also i like that the temp is on the summary, it only shows the average, if youve dual gpu then you actually have to go in graphics card section to see temps of both.
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