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  1. No sweat, marmite. I agree. More damage is done when people with little knowledge use a tool the wrong way.
  2. Thanks, Alan. Based on what you said, it seems I will go back to the Windows utility! It seemed too good to be true. If CCleaner offers to delete the RP's, it should delete absolutely everything, instead of doing a half-ass job! And, marmite, different strokes for different folks. It's not as if we are discussing a problem with System Restore itself which is the cat's meow! The problem is with CCleaner. I swear by restore points which have saved my neck and untold hours of my busy life in so many cases. There have been times when the problem was totally mysterious at which times, I was in no mood to piddle around with the computer. A restore fixed the system magically! I thank Microsoft for this fabulous utility.
  3. Thanks for the info, Alan. So, in effect, do you mean that the large backup files remain on my hard drive? The main reason for my creating new points and deleting the old was to clean up my hard drive. That's not good. So, it seems I am back to Square One, meaning that I have to continue clearing all restore points on my PC and recreating brand new ones?? Here is what I do. Maybe once I clarify it, you may see my situation. I usually create a Restore Point named "Good One" when my PC is humming along fine. After that, the system will create various other points over days and weeks. A few weeks later, I decide to update the points by creating a second "Good One" point. Now, if I use CCleaner to remove all the points that were created by the system prior to the second Good One, ncluding the original Good One, am I to understand that CCLeaner will NOT remove the baggage on my hard drive? I assume that it does remove those files when I use the native Windows system to remove restore points, correct? In other words, every time I create a new restore point, I want all the previous ones gone (leaving the latest one) AND the large files cleared off the hard drive. To do this normally is time-consuming because I have to remove the files first, then create a new point. With CCleaner, it is easier to do the deletion part. TIA.
  4. Thank you for creating, probably, one of the best software on the Internet! Not only is your registry cleaner so effective but also it is the ONLY one that allows me to remove Windows System Restore points individually! That is a life saver! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
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