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  1. Windows xp performs its own search for that make and model. It's an HP 720C - I think it's from the mid 1990's. We never do much printing so a new printer just wasn't warranted. I'm not even sure a new printer will work. My thought is if the registry is bad, no printer will work. But, I'm not positive about that.
  2. Hello all - Thanks for the replies. Here are the answers in order 1) I do have the software to the older printer...although it's so old windows XP is not an option on the disk. 2) The system restore point will only allow me to go back to when I rebooted from the cd drive with the OS disk last Thursday and no further. 3) How do I carry out a windows repair? I have already completed a "chkdsk /r" three times. One from the dos prompt at startup, and two from the run menu after windows was already running. Thanks again!
  3. Howdy - I could use some assistance with a printer error. I have a Dell Dimension 2400 series with Windows XP that runs great! Here's the question backup. I defrag'd my C: drive (needed it. it's been over a year) 5 days ago and it ran for about 3 hours or so. No issue there. When the defrag completed, I ran the ccleaner and then the ccleaner registry cleaner. Now starts the problem. When I rebooted I received an ?unmountable_boot_volume? error. Evidently, there were some files placed in the ccleaners registry fix area and they were deleted when the clean up completed. Not Ccleaners fault. I'm just a novice with these registry things. Got the "blue screen of death?" I changed the boot sequence and booted from the cd drive with the OS install cd I performed a chkdsk /r from the Dell install cd and it indicated there was nothing wrong with the drive, although it had registry errors I've worked for 4 days now putting the computer back together and it's running like a champ again, better than before actually, but I have one last item that concerns printing. I cannot print anything from any program The computer has given me different reasons ?1829 code error? another was ?printer driver not installed? ? which it is I reloaded it several different times from different ways too I think the registry was corrupted when this happened, but chkdsk /r doesn't correct it I don?t know how to resolve this. Although, I know there are super users out there that can help w/o me having to wipe the drive clean and start over again. There's got to be a way. Lastly, the printer I have is really old too. I was getting ready to get a new one, this is just making me do it sooner. I also bought RegistryBosster too and it didn't resolve the issue. Getting a refund underway now on that. Any ideas or assistance would be great. Thanks
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