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  1. It's ok , I should have used a different topic name, it simply doesn't identify any processor, just shows the amount of RAM, the OS and my video card...
  2. Yes I am, I'm running on Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3, I have no problems running the program on my Pentium III and it runs very well, but it would be nice to see the processor brand and name where the program shows the system information, it's just a caprice . Speccy can identify it, so why can't CCleaner too?... thaks for the reply!
  3. Hi, I would like to know if it is able for CCleaner to identify Pentium III Processors because I have one of those and it does not appear in the system information shown on the upper part of the window, as it does with my Pentium D. Thank you very much! the program is great!!!.
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