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  1. v3.14.1616... I like how you've separated the regular Startup entries from the IE addons. Thank you! -kd5-
  2. What I saw were IE Addons (IE Extensions/IE Helpers). I actually would not have a problem with a new category listing IE Addons but to lump them in with the Startup list is just plain silly. Went back to 3.12.1572 on my computer, my wife's computer, and will stick with that version on customer's computers until either a new/separate category is created in CCleaner to list IE Addons, or at the very least they're removed from the Startup listing. -kd5-
  3. What's with CCleaner now lising IE Addons in Tools/Startup??? That should be for applications that run at computer Startup, period. I don't get why you decided to list IE "Extensions and Helpers" in the Startup list, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Going back to 3.12.1572 until you come to your senses. Sometimes newer is not better. -kd5-
  4. kd5

    Site Preferences?

    From your 1st link: From your 2nd link: Information from the 1st link sounds more disastrous than the 2nd, if you have unique settings selected you definitely would NOT want to choose Site Preferences. Subject of the 2nd link sounds redundant for CCleaner since all of those are already cleaned with the other options, unless I'm mistaken. Thanks for the reply, -kd5-
  5. kd5

    Site Preferences?

    Apparently 43 others who have read this thread would like to know the same thing... Nobody knows? -kd5-
  6. kd5

    Site Preferences?

    What exactly does (Cleaner, Applications tab, Firefox/Mozilla) Site Preferences clean? I tried to find it in the help section but this particular subject is missing in the help topics. If it does exactly what it alludes to then it cleans any preferences you may have set for each particular website, such as allowing scripts? Is this correct? Thanks, -kd5-
  7. I apologize that I did not follow through with some of the suggestions and/or answer some of the questions in this thread, I've had a great deal of things on my plate recently. I appreciate all the replies in my thread, I read every one of them. Based on what I read I decided to try one thing first: I instructed Windows Defender not to scan CCleaner. It worked. Now CCleaner executes as it always has before.....quickly. To anyone who has CCleaner and Windows Defender installed together on an XP machine and is having the same trouble I was, open Windows Defender, click on Tools (at the top), then Options (top, left column), scroll down to Advanced Options, "Do not scan these files or locations", click the Add button (to the right), browse to the CCleaner folder (via Add/Remove Programs), highlight the CCleaner folder then click OK to your selection. Be sure to click Save (at the bottom/right of the Options menu) to save your change(s). Don't know why this just started within the last 3 (or so) versions of CCleaner, whether it was a Windows Defender definition update or something that has changed in CCleaner's code, but I'm happy to have found at least a temporary solution to this problem. My only fear at this point would be malware vendors who read this and may now target CCleaner knowing it has been excluded from Windows Defender scans. Thanks, everyone who helped. The internet is not a safe place, it hasn't been for some time, and it's only getting worse. I found the suite of antivirus/antispyware applications that I use through trial & error, they worked very well together until this issue arose. I'm happy it has been resolved, at least temporarily. Thanks again everyone, -kd5-
  8. This on XP computers: I install SpywareBlaster, SpywareGuard, & Windows Defender for realtime antispyware/homepage hijacking protection (with Windows Defender set to scan daily), SuperAntiSpyware as the primary method of scanning for detection & removal, and I install Avast! as the antivirus of choice, with sensitivity set to high throughout, for maximum protection. -kd5-
  9. Well, I'm certainly not lying. I'm happy that it works just perfectly for you, but it doesn't for me. I work on computers for a living but I don't write or rewrite software. I install it and it's supposed to work, but I have found on several XP machines I've completely wiped and reinstalled everything from scratch, that CCleaner hangs when brought up from a shortcut I've placed at the top of the Start menu for ready access. -kd5-
  10. Just installed v2.31.1153 on 2 computers, 1 running Vista Home Premium SP2 (2.16ghz Pentium dual core, 1gb RAM), the other running XP MCE SP3 (3ghz P4 Prescott, 1gb RAM), the same suite of antivirus/antispyware applications installed, the same basic suite of applications installed, very little running in the background or at Startup, Services tweaked (via Black Viper). CCleaner opens from a pinned shortcut on the Vista computer within a couple of seconds. On the XP computer, the pinned shortcut hangs for 7 to 10 seconds, then CCleaner appears after another 3 or 4 seconds. So, nothing has changed. CCleaner still hangs when bringing it up from a shortcut on XP computers. I can't tell my customers to go into their Program Files folder and bring CCleaner up from there, that's not even an option. -kd5-
  11. If I start CCleaner from the Start, Programs menu or from the shortcut I've placed at the top of the Start menu, the Start button will stick in for approx. 5 to 7 seconds, will then pop out, and CCleaner will come up after an additional 3 to 4 seconds (2.2ghz P4 laptop and/or desktop, 1gb RAM, 60/80gb hard drive, fresh install of XP SP3 w/ full suite of freshly installed applications, barest minimum no. of apps running at Startup or in the background, Services tweaked). If I initiate CCleaner from Start, Run, navigate to CCleaner in Program Files, CCleaner takes 7 or 8 seconds to come up. Since the Start button has already popped out, all time is spent on CCleaner appearing from the moment it is initiated. On my computer (Self-built, 3.4ghz P4, 2gb RAM, 80gb hard drive, tweaked XP SP3 install), the Start button does not stick in, but it takes 5 to 7 seconds for CCleaner to come up. On all computers, once CCleaner has come up that first time, subsequent appearances take 1 or 2 seconds. If I log off or reboot, CCleaner again takes time to come up that first time, on numerous computers the Start button sticks for several seconds then pops out, and CCleaner appears a couple 3 or 4 seconds later. If this thread hadn't been moved to Bug Reports, maybe others would chime in, I can't believe I'm the only person this is happening to. I haven't altered CCleaner in any way, shape, or form except to add DNS Cache, Old Prefetch data, and IIS Log files to the list of Windows items cleaned, and enable Secure File Deletion (3 passes), but none of that runs until you intiate CCleaner's cleaning capabilities. Why is CCleaner taking so long to load, and why does it cause the Start button to stick in (on XP computers) like that? -kd5-
  12. You'll notice by my post count that I'm new here, but I am not new to computers. I work on computers for a living but I do not alter software beyond changing Options/Preferences. I did a 'Search' for CCleaner hangs, the only topic that looked like it might address this issue was mine. I have searched for Winapp2.ini on my computer (also in Hidden Files & Folders) and it does not exist in my file system. I am not inclined to sit here for hours reading through seemingly unrelated threads to find anything about this, could you enlighten me? I still do not understand why the author can't just fix the problem since it 'has been often commented upon in this forum'. Since my thread was moved to Bug Reporting, I assumed I would hear from someone responsible for CCleaner's development, apparently they don't venture here. -kd5-
  13. I'm assuming you're talking about clearing the list of applications CCleaner cleans junk files from? Why would I want to hobble CCleaner? I would rather its author resolve the issue that is causing CCleaner to hang than remove half it's capabilities. Thank you for responding, -kd5-
  14. This has been happening on pretty much every XP computer I've installed CCleaner on for the last 2 or 3 incarnations of the application: When I first bring up CCleaner (from a shortcut I've placed at the top of the Classic Start Menu for easy access), the Start button stays pressed in (sticks) for several (7 to 10) seconds, then it finally pops out and a couple of (2 or 3) seconds later CCleaner pops up. No other application I've installed exhibits this behavior, and CCleaner never exhibited this behavior prior to 2 or 3 incarnations ago. I wish it would get resolved, I can't be the only person who's experiencing this anomaly. This behavior has occurred primarily on Windows XP computers, it doesn't exhibit this behavior on a Windows 2000 Professional computer (866mhz PIII, 512mb RAM) I'm working on right now... Thanks, -kd5-
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