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  1. Hello MrT All my usage of CCleaner has been with only Local disk (C:) ticked. Using Tools-Drive Wiper- "Free Space Only" resulted in a successful wipe. However, when "Wipe MFT Free Space" is ticked the wipe is cancelled before completion, I think cancellation starts when the MFT wipe is completed but before the Wipe Free Space starts. Thanks for looking into it Bushbaby
  2. When running WFS the program always ends with error message "Cleaning Cancelled - This cleaning is incomplete" The cancellation is done by the program itself, not the operator. The last bit of the de-bug log is [15:04:41::357][iNFO ] OnRuleStarted | 3025 | | MS Wordpad [15:04:41::357][iNFO ] OnRuleFinished | 3025 | | MS Wordpad [15:04:41::357][iNFO ] OnRuleStarted | 3025 | | RegEdit [15:04:41::357][iNFO ] OnRuleFinished | 3025 | | RegEdit [15:04:41::357][iNFO ] OnRuleStarted | 3004 | 3132 | Wipe Free Space [15:48:49::501][DEBUG] Cleaner - Initializing Stop request... [15:49:20::206][iNFO ] OnRuleFinished | 3004 | 3132 | Wipe Free Space [15:49:20::206][iNFO ] OnCancelled [15:49:20::206][iNFO ] Leaving Cleaning [15:49:20::206][DEBUG] Cleaner - Finished Stop request [15:49:20::237][DEBUG] CLEANING CANCELLED - (2680.814 secs) [15:49:20::237][DEBUG] This cleaning is incomplete [15:49:20::237][DEBUG] 3.50 MB removed. [15:50:21::610][iNFO ] Closing application... [15:50:21::623][iNFO ] Finished closing application [15:50:21::623][iNFO ] Application Ended This problem occurs when using CCleaner64 v4.02.4115 on a 250GB partition. The program seemed to work normally several weeks ago so some unknown change must have occurred since then. Many thanks for any advice forthcoming.
  3. Attached is a redacted version of the debug log. Ccleaner ran for about an hour and had reached Wipe MFT Free Space (43%). Hope I have not redacted something useful. Thanks for your interest Nergal Attachment removed.
  4. Hi I'v tried to run the debug mode but without success. When I run "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /debug I get the normal CCleaner screen with a box saying "No update available". There is no mention of debug on the screen. The drive is the normal system drive.
  5. Does anyone else have this problem or am I the only one?
  6. The drive is 266GB I have tried the latest update but nothing seems to have changed. The green strip at the top of the page shows 98% and the Wipe MFT Free Space still sticks eg at 42%. I have noticed the MFT % indicator to flicker eg it may reach 28% then change back to 15% then immediately back to 28% again.
  7. CC v3.26.1888 Vista 32bit During cleaning, CC reaches about 42% on Wipe MFT Free Space then sticks at that level. If I leave it for several hours it might reach 100% then go on to Wipe Free Space. Any ideas?
  8. Try this http://docs.piriform.com/ccleaner/ccleaner...leaner-settings
  9. When I Wipe Free Space the estimated time remaining is always the same whether I select Normal (1 pass) or Secure (35 passes) or anything between. This makes me think that they are all doing the same thing. Any ideas? Oh dear! I have just noticed that CC only Securley Deletes files which are still in the recycle bin. Others are deleted using the Normal (quick) method. This could explain everything as my recycle bin was empty when I carried out the test.
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