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  1. Good to hear its finally out, thanks MrG
  2. This is great news, thanks for the heads up MrG cant wait
  3. You could do: Open up Windows Media Player> click on tools> go to options> privacy tab> uncheck the "Save file and URL history in the player"> apply> ok For CCleaner go to the applications tab> find Windows Media Player> check the box next too it (only do this to clean the URL history and file history)> click on Run Cleaner (to clean)
  4. You dont even have to reboot, its actually optional....
  5. No its not...it can cause problems with SpywareBlaster...as it say here by javacool to do a clean install(the creator of spywareblaster) or you can follow mine which are above: http://www.javacoolsoftware.info/kb/idx/14/013/article/
  6. Dont feel like doing any research thank you, unless you post some links for me too read. Well I think FasterFox is a great extention and is better then FireTune this doesnt have too apply too you.
  7. Brandon


    Norton AntiVirus does have a better detection rate then EZ AntiVirus does. The resource usage is in favor of EZ AntiVirus. I would keep Norton AntiVirus until your subscription ends then install EZ AntiVirus or anyother antivirus..
  8. The best way too unistall norton is too look here
  9. SpywareBlaster v3.5.1 Jan 1, 06 ChangeLog: Minor Fixes Few additional tweaks ChangeLog | Download In previous version 3.5: SpywareBlaster 3.5 Jan 1, 06 ChangeLog: SpywareBlaster Turbo-Update Technology: Faster and more frequent updates Various feature and protection enhancements Further optimizations to certain parts of the program And lots of other bug fixes and requested tweaks This 3.5 release provides enhanced updating, performance, and bug fixes. ChangeLog | Download Yes you do follow this:
  10. I use FasterFox and it seems to do a better job then FireTune, although I have never tried Firetweaker before..
  11. I use a router and Kerio Personal Firewall(paid)..
  12. First make sure you go to options> advanced> make sure there is a check in the box for "Show prompt to backup registry issues" Then start the scanning of your registry once its done the issues found will be backed up if you choose "yes" So if you have any problems you can always restore the registry file by double clicking it and clicking "yes"
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