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  1. I don't see anything in "Options/Advanced" that would apply. Added: OK I found it under "Cleaner/Windows/Custom Files and Folders". It works now. Thanks for your help.
  2. I added a custom directory to clean (C:\Temp). It shows up in Options/Custom with *.*. When I clean, nothing is deleted from this directory.
  3. Are you aware that someone is posting your program as "Battlefield CCleaner"?? http://files.filefront.com/Battlefield+2+C...;/fileinfo.html
  4. This deserves a bump. Heck this deserved to be pinned. I read post after post where CCleaner doesn't clean everything or doesn't fix all issues. Especially fixing issues. It lists issues. You fix them. Then you run the "Issues" again and the same issues show up over and over!! THIS IS THE FIX.
  5. **Removed** Here is your answer. I, and many others have had the same problem. They should PIN this. Run this program and it will correct the problem of CCleaner not fixing issues. This is from the Dial-a-Fix website. CCleaner Q: The same items keep appearing in the Issues scan in CCleaner, what should I do? A: Run the Repair Permissions tool in Dial-a-fix. This will fix it in 99% of the cases out there. If you are unable to run this tool, try it in Safe mode with command prompt. If you have other registry permissions issues which have not been covered here, contact the Dial-a-fix email address. http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=4295
  6. I would like the ability to have CCleaner clean and fix issues for all users when there is more than 1 XP user. I think right now I have to log into each user and run CCleaner. Great program.
  7. I have long fought the issue of CCleaner listing the same long list of issues over and over and not resolving them. It goes through the Fixing process but doesn't fix them. They are listed over and over. I have read that going into the registry and manually changing the permissions resolves the issues. I had over 100 of them and that would have taken for ever. There is a program called "Dial-a-fix" that corrects all permission issues with a single click! This completely fixed the items not being fixed. Now every time I run CCleaner, it fixes everything. You can download the program here http://djlizard.net/software/dial-a-fix Just run it, go to "Tools" and select "Repair Permissions" and Go. What a find!!
  8. I have had this problem for the past several versions of CCleaner. I scan for issues. It finds a bunch. I fix selected. I then rescan and find exactly the same long list of issues. Repeat process. For some reason CCleaner is finding issues but not fixing them. What's up??
  9. EEK, I have 120 issues!! I am setup as an administrator as a user. Same thing?? I have used Regedit. I sure don't want to make 120 manual entries. Thanks anyway. Maybe I will just hope this is fixed.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Is this another registry cleaning program? The reason I am responding is to point out a problem with CCleaner. Not so much to clean these issues. I use other registry cleaning programs as well.
  11. Thanks for your help. I did as you suggested. I get the long list. I fix issues. I rerun the issues check and get the same list over and over. Doesn't matter if I am in Safe mode or not.
  12. First, Great program. I always have the newest version. When I run "Scan for Issues" I get a list of 125 or so issues. I "Fix Selected" and it appears that all were fixed. If I rescan I get the same list like nothing was fixed. I can do thos over and over. Ideas?
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