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  1. Hi -- I can't upload the files that a-squared flagged as contaminated because I let a-squared delete them. (They were older CCleaner setup files.) I use WinXP Pro, rridgely. It is reassuring to see that folks seem to think this was a false-positive. I will be running some additional online scans to make sure. Thanks, all.
  2. I have used CCleaner for quite awhile, and like it a lot -- thank you! But when I ran an a-squared malware scan today, it found Trojan-Dropper.Win32Agent.acq in two previously downloaded CCleaner setup files: ccsetup123.exe and ccsetup124.exe. It did not find anything in earlier setup files or in ccsetup125.exe or in ccsetup126.exe. I don't remember where I downloaded the contaminated files from -- but I usually go to castle cops for a link, or to hippo, or major geeks -- and sometimes I think I use the link provided from inside CCleaner. Just don't remember... A-squared said it rem
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