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  1. Thanks for the responses, guys. Looks like there is no way to enable this feature for all executables, which is a shame. It would be very handy, to say the least. Some good tips though. DEP isn`t a bad idea and having a firewall really helps keep on top of what programs are accessing the internet. One other handy tool is Port Explorer, which shows you active network connections.
  2. I couldn`t see it mentioned but it would be nice if you could run CCleaner on a driver other than the current system drive. What I mean is, say you connect a HD from another machine and it is drive e:, you could set CCleaner to assume that is the system drive and scan e:\windows\temp and e:\documents and settings etc. Of course this would need to be combined with the ability to clean up all users temp data. I use CCleaner at work and this feature would be very useful for us. At the moment I have to go around manually cleaning all the temp stuff.
  3. Is there any way to set Windows to by default deny execution of all programs, until the user confirms each one? When you download a program with IE, the first time you run it you get a message box with publisher information and it asks you if you really want to run the program. There is a tick box to remember your choice. If you could make this action the default for all programs, installed via CD, via downloads in Firefox or whatever, it would make it much harder for viruses and spyware to get in. I search on Google and in the MS knowledge base but there does not seem to be a way of doing it. IE must do something special to the files it downloads.
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