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    Just tried to upgrade to the new version 2.06 -- SAME ISSUES. Defragging a folder is glacially slow on Windows 7 64-bit. Reverting to Defraggler version 2.02 makes the folder defragmentation go very quickly. Note that both versions found the same number of fragmented files, and reported the same total file sizes. The only difference appears to be that versions after 2.02 don't work at an acceptable speed.
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    It's not just on your system, I've been experiencing the exact same issue since version 2.03. Tried upgrading to 2.05 yesterday, same story, and once again I've had to revert to version 2.02 in order to get decent speed. No idea what might be causing this problem but I hope the developers will address it in a future version. Defraggler has become pretty much unusable on Windows 7 x64.
  3. Recuva has been working fine for me except in one respect: it doesn't remember the "Check For Update" setting. I have that unchecked, yet every two weeks like clockwork it tries to connect to Piriform.com and looks for an updated version. I've tried checking then unchecking the box again, I've tried changing the setting manually by editing the INI file, but nothing turns it off. Please look into this.
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