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  1. Hello folks System: - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bits - CCleaner 3.04.1389 (64-bit) - Mozilla Firefox 3.6.15 - Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.9 Problem description: After Windows Update to SP1 and CCleaner update to version 3.04.1389 I have experiencing Mozilla Thunderbird forgetting its e-mail accounts passwords and asking then every time I open it even if I set it to remember passwords. Causes: After realizing that after every time I run CClener Mozilla Thunderbird forgets its passwords I decided to take a look in the CCleaner "Analyze" Log file and found out that it was wrongly deleting Mozilla Thunderbird Profile passwords instead of Mozilla Firefox Profile passwords. Picture of the Bug: I hope you can fix this bug. Keep the good job guys. CCleaner rocks! See you later, Aeolis
  2. Hello folks, I have been using Macrium reflect Free as my favorite Disk Imaging tool for a long time. And it worked quite well under my Windows XP Professional 32-bits. But now I have moved to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits and the problems showed up: 1) BartPE boot CD is not compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Macrium shows this message when I try to create a BartPE boot disk under Windows 7. 2) Linux boot CD can't find (see) my External USB Drive (Maxxtro) where I keep my disk images. Is there a way to make the Linux boot CD see my external USB drive? Could you help me here? Thank you for your attention. See you later, Aeolis
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