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  1. Just downloaded new version 1.11 and still crashes. Same problem.
  2. Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?wayuy5qm8l3syov or http://www.mediafire.com/file/wayuy5qm8l3syov/speccydump.zip Could you forward to Mr. Ron... I don't know how to post to him. bstuttman
  3. Can't seem to get the file uploaded. Keep getting error message. I think it's too large at 15MB. Any suggestions?
  4. I don't think the dump file up;oaded properly, so am resending it herewith.
  5. I'll run in debug mode & get back to you. Meantime here's the message from the eventvwr: Faulting application speccy.exe, version, faulting module speccy.exe, version, fault address 0x0011e143. bstuttman
  6. Hi, I running WinXP Pro SP2 - on E8400 CPU & can't get Speccy to load. I tried both current version and previous version and in both cases is starts up and as it is running down the options it closes. I can't tell at what point it crashes as its happening to fast. I also have it installed on my Laptop - Thinkpad and it's running fine there. But can't get it to run on desktop. bstuttman
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