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  1. OK, mystery solved. I waited for 24 hours to elapse since last running quick scans with Malwarebytes and Superantispyware. CCleaner with the check in the 24 hours box, 8,841 files to clean out. Ran SuperAntispyware scan. CCleaner analyze: 8,844 files to delete. Ran Malwarebytes quick scan. CCleaner analyze: 143 files. It looks like Malwarebytes does something during its scan of the temp folder which makes CCleaner think the files in there have been accessed. JD, Alan, I don't know why I didn't see your replies when I looked at this thread earlier, but thanks. Looks like Malwarebytes is the one. I'll just have to keep that in mind when I go to clean out that folder.
  2. @Ident: Can't hurt. Unless I get a FP, hehe! (All I've had thus far is the occasional FP, fortunately.) But I always investigate before I quarantine or delete. Nergal, Thank you. OK, update. I updated CCleaner on the desktop computer, left the check in the 24 hours box and only in the Temp box, ran Analyze, and yesterday it came up with 1 file, 10k in size. Today I removed the check from the 24 hours box, ran Analyze, it came up with 8,858 files. I put the check back in, and it came up with 143 files. I am puzzled by this.
  3. I did look at the dates on those files. When I left the check beside the '48 hours' box, CCleaner only offered to clean 5 or 6 folders, and they were empty. Well, maybe the situation will change after I update CCleaner. I haven't had a chance to do that yet. I'm on a different computer than the one I originally mentioned, but the one I'm on now has over 300 Mb of stuff in the Temp folder. I just ran CCleaner (also an older version) with the check in the '48 hours' box, and after analysis, it came up with one empty folder to clean. Some of those .tmp files in the Temp folder are from last year and even from 2008. If I remove the check from the 48 hours box, I get 311 Mb to be removed. If it were only a small number of files, I would say that is likely, but it was most of the files in a Temp folder containing about 2 Gb of stuff. So I don't know, I wondered if I needed to check anything else besides the Temp box. Anyway, I'll see what happens after I update CCleaner Thank you both for your input. Just a thought--I scan my computers every day with Malwarebytes and Superantispyware, and SAS scans the Temp folder. Would that do something to make CCleaner think those files were all recently used?
  4. Thank you for your response. I know my version is old. To be honest, I downloaded the version I have and I've never used it. I really like the 'analyze' feature, so you can see what's going to be deleted before you actually do it. My version still says it leaves the last 48 hours of temp files, not 24. And I did try putting a check only in the temp box, and it only chooses 6 empty folders and none of the myriads of temp files and other folders in there. Why is that? I would say most of those files are not new. Does it not delete files with a .tmp extension? As for manually deleting them--I thought CCleaner would be the easier way. Well, maybe I should save the questions for after I update the program. I wasn't able to get to that today, life called me away from the computers until now.
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    OK, thank you!
  6. Please forgive me if this information is easily accessible through the documentation, I looked and couldn't find it. I have CC 2.15.815 and a very bloated C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Temp folder which has over 2 Gb of stuff in it and has never been cleaned out. I would like to use CC to safely clear out all but the previous 48 hours worth of stuff. What do I need to have checked in the CC program to get that done? I tried putting a check in System->Temporary files, but that didn't seem to do it. (I've only run the Analysis so far, I'm afraid of deleting the wrong thing so I want to be sure first.)
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    I currently have CC version 2.15.815 installed, and I see there is a newer version available. I originally downloaded my copy as a "Lite" version from Majorgeeks.com, and this was said to be a version that does not include the Yahoo toolbar. Does the version you now have on your website include the toolbar? Is there an option to NOT include it. (I am not a fan of extra toolbars.) Thanks!
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