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  1. Saving the system specification in ".speccy" file is a good idea but according to it should be directly associated with main program. i.e. just double click on ".speccy" file and it will be loaded.
  2. I Am Having The CD Of Windows XP Professional SP3, In Which SP3 Intergrated With Windows XP. And I Want To Tell You That Forget About Installing XP In 2005, But My Computer Was Manufactured In 2008 Itself. And I Have Recently(March 2010) Formated It. I Have Dual Booted Windows XP And Windows 7, In Windows 7 It Is Showing Correct Installation Date.
  3. Today I Installed Speccy On Windows XP SP3. I Liked This Software, This Software I Guess Will Help Many People For Searching Drives And Softwares Compatible With There System. But In First Use Itself I Got A Funny Bug In This Software. The Speccy Showed My Operating System As Windows XP SP3 And Installation Date As 07 May 2005, 20:54. And I Want To Tell You That Windows Xp SP3 Was Released In April 2008, Then How It Will Be Installed in 2005. If Don't Believe See The Screenshot:
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