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  1. That's why I use the Task Manager to kill it. This still has nothing to do the the questions at hand.
  2. ...or I could just turn off monitoring. This doesn't help with the other problems.
  3. A couple of questions... When I use Chrome "clear browsing data" and then quit Chrome and run CCleaner, I find 300,000 ... files still remaining. CCleaner deletes these. How do I get Chrome to clean up better? When I use Chrome "clear browsing data" it clears my cookies for accounts I wish to keep. Then when I try to log on, the account assumes an "attack" and I have to authenticate myself and change my password. CCleaner allows me to choose which cookies to keep. Is there a way to do this in Chrome or another cleaner? I can manage started tasks by running msconfig. I haven't yet looked for another way to clean up the Windows Register. So I run CCleaner after shutting down Chrome (or any other browser) and then kill CCleaner with the task manager. I appreciate the guidance from How-To Geek about CCleaner but it is seriously inadequate in offering practical alternatives.
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