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  1. Under uninstall at the top of my programs list I have a blank entry. Can someone please help me with this. Thank you.
  2. The current CCleaner v5.14.54.93 does not delete all off the browsing history on chrome. Please fix this thanks!
  3. The new GUI may look good on windows 8 perhaps, because Windows 8 looks like crap . Please let us have the option of choosing between the two GUI interfaces. I'm sticking with version 4.19.4867 until they change it. If anyone needs the 4.19.4867 installer I'll upload it for you.
  4. I 100% agree the new GUI looks horrible . It seems as if they went for the Windows 8 Metro look , and even at that it looks ugly , that's why I am staying on Windows 7 . I would also like to see a choice on which GUI to use.
  5. Any Ideas? I really like the program but it's not working right.
  6. When I run CCleaner 2.29.1111 it freezes at deleting index.dat files and on history. I'm running Windows 7 the latest updates
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