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  1. A bit more testing ... I loaded the free version of PerfectDisk to hopefully get more distinctions. It displays the 1st MFT block as yellow and the MFT expansion reserved area directly following it in olive green. Both areas combined match up with the single purple MFT area in DF. PD fortunately shows "MFT zone" (should be "reserved MFT zone"?) for the olive green blocks, whereas DF shows all blocks as purple MFT, "1 file(s) in the block" in 1st block, and "no files are in the block" for all others. Although this "no files" is technically correct, it begs the question: Then what is rea
  2. Thanks Moderator for clarifying your policy. First of all, I want to express my extreme appreciation for such a powerful and easy to use app provided in the spirit of giving freely. Hopefully this discussion might help add a bit of value to that tool by focusing on an area that has potential improvement. Since the solution I posted directly solves the inability of DF to move unmovable files (even after reboot defrag) from the free space, I respectfully submit that my solution is very relevent to this thread. I fully support minimizing double posting. The other posting content add
  3. The only way I was able to eliminate the 20 Meg contiguous purble block which shows no files or $bad clus: on 2 of 4 XPs I reloaded (which had error free scanned harddisks) was to use a little partition shuffle trick using excellent (both) free (to EVERYONE!) MiniTools Partition Manager and Backupper backup/restore (who also has very nice free for all Partition Manager). Both produce bootable cds so no need to install on hd, although WinPE version of Backupper only worked on 3 of 4 XPs and the Linux version is missing the backup feature (restore only) and is pretty basic (no partiton labels s
  4. Since CCleaner does such a great job at cleaning, I am puzzled why it seems to ignore megabytes of "Webclient/Publisher temporary files" which I have to remove via Windows Cleanup. I would gladly add the folder to Custom files/folders if I could find it. Google searches have not helped yet. I also discovered that Windows Cleanup can reclaim gigabytes of diskspace by clearing off all except last restore point via button on advanced tab. Maybe this would be a great feature to add to CCleaner? Thanks again for a FAST and safe temp file and registry cleaner. If you want to see how poor
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