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  1. There are 2 other threads already on this topic: My link My link Many users are experiencing this problem with the latest version of Ccleaner. The new version seems to be detecting a listing of old cookies which the previous didn't detect. I have this problem, the cookies are listed in 'Cookies to delete' but when I do a search on my PC for these cookies, it fails to find them! I have uninstalled the latest version of Ccleaner and reinstalled the previous version and now the 'cookies to delete' box is empty. Hopefully this problem will be sorted out soon.
  2. Uninstalled latest version, rebooted, then installed previous version & as I expected those cookies are not showing in the 'cookies to delete' section. Will stick with this version till, hopefully, the problem will be solved eventually.
  3. Yeah if I use the previous version of Ccleaner I'm sure those cookies won't show up, but the information will still be on my PC somewhere which I find disconcerting. Still at least the 'cookies to delete' section won't look cluttered. I will go back to the previous version for now and hopefully they will sort out this problem soon.
  4. I have Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX & Plugin installed, and Adobe Flash Player is ticked in Ccleaner. Opera is not listed as I don't have it installed. IE8 & Firefox are both selected on Ccleaner.
  5. Try Scroogle, it searches Google for you and sends you the results; that way Google doesn't get your details. Google locates you using your IP address, then targets you with 'appropriate' adverts. Scroogle doesn't store your information or your search terms. Here is the link for Scroogle: Scroogle. As for using PayPal online, someone hacked my PayPal account and bought goods on ebay with it. The money left my account and it cost a few quid in phone calls, plus I had to wait to get my money back!
  6. cid-c865c0dfce9abe9c.office.live.com cid-c865c0dfce9abe9c.profile.live.com cid-c865c0dfce9abe9c.profile.live.com cid-e7b095f87d152308.photos.live.com cid-e7b095f87d152308.profile.live.com cid-e7b095f87d152308.skydrive.live.com devicehelp.vodafone.co.uk forum.vodafone.co.uk secure.shared.live.com shop.nationalgeographic.com www.dudleynews.co.uk www.paypal.com www.rightmove.co.uk www.yell.com The above entries are showing in the 'cookies to delete' section (and many more) and they won't delete. They all show as 'Internet Explorer'. Did a search for these files and was unable
  7. I have this same problem since installing the new version of Ccleaner! I DO have index.dat ticked! Tried Zero Nova's suggestion, Windows Safe Mode Command Prompt, del index.dat /s and rebooted. Guess what, the cookies are still showing in the 'cookies to delete' section on Ccleaner. What do I do now?
  8. Often twice a day my printer drivers disappear and then usually try to re-install but often fail. Sometimes I have to do a minimal boot-up using msconfig, then re-install the printer drivers, then do a normal boot-up. Often when I go to print a document I find the printer is not installed. I've only experienced this problem since having Windows Vista (it used to work fine on Windows XP). I've had this problem LONG BEFORE I installed CCleaner, so it's not to blame. No idea what causes this problem, and neither had Hewlett Packard. My printer is HP Officejet J5780 All-in-one.
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