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  1. I did a system restore back to before I ccleaned. When I tried to download the security updates the same 2 would not install while 5 others were successful. Upon further examination of the security update log, there were several updates that have failed to install since November 12, 2009 and I didn't realize it. My security updates are done automatically so I have never really paid any attention to them. I have been using AVG free virus scan and have had no problems to my knowledge with that. I do have the vista cd just in case. I really appreciate all your help and suggestions. It is indeed not the fault of the ccleaner, so I will try to use it again, although it did not really help my issues with my computer running slow and freezing up that I had hoped it would. Laura in SC
  2. When I tried to download System Update readiness tool for windows vista KB947821 jan200..... I get an error message tthat says installer encountered an error 0x8007000d. Oh now I'm in over my head again.
  3. Thanks y'all. I just did try to install them separately and both failed with the same error code. They downloaded okay, it is the install that failed. Will going to the site to install them matter? I hate showing my ignorance, after having a computer since '93 and still being horribly illiterate. The other side of my brain seems to work okay, but this is a struggle and I thank you for your suggestions. I am working through them from easier to harder as you can tell. Laura
  4. Since installing and running CCleaner a few days ago, I can no longer install my security update for the week. The error code given by Microsoft 80070490 is supposed to refer to Win7 and I have Vista. It said that a file is c orrupt that is needed to install updates ( CBS Manifest) I think it wants me to reload windows which I'm not sure about. If anyone could help, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks, Laura
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