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  1. This application does not fail in being a total waste. I can delete a picture one minute, run this application the next minute and it will not find the deleted photo in simple mode. We all know we don't want to run this baby in advanced mode because that will take forEVER. Recuva in my experience is a total complete waste. It also has a problem with navigation: if you go into advanced mode, there is no way to get back to simple mode...you have to shut it down and restart it all over again. WINDOWS 7 X64
  2. The September 25th 2010 version (whatever was out then) is MAD MAD MAD slow. At least CCleaner was working good up to this point, now it's mad slow and beginning to remind me of how useless Recuva is.
  3. I absolutely cannot believe they still do not have an 'auto shutdown' feature in this application...the simplest of programmable code and it's not even in this application (CCleaner)...I actually had to write a bat code to do that job.
  4. I adore Piriform software and always recommend their products. However, I cannot support Recuva. I have put this application to the test on Windows 7 x64 to failure. Here is what I did: I began to notice that Recuva was not finding files I recently deleted...fast or detailed mode. I then decided to do a test. I deleted into the recycle bin a zip file. I then deleted it from the bin. Immediately I ran Recuva in quick mode and followed the prompts directing it to find my zip file I just deleted. Needless to say, it failed to find the zip file which was just immediately deleted. Recu
  5. Can you add LUNASCAPE6 browser support please? You do such a good job of cleaning me...I am thinking of asking you to marry me.
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