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  1. I'd considered turning it off but there is always some odd thing that disregards default browser settings every once in a while, and very rarely will i test something in IE. By the time i would turn it off completely, i'll be entirely somewhere CCleaner cannot follow. If the hanging reaches my mild annoyance threshold, i may disengage it temporarily. I'm just a bit curious whether it is CCleaner's "fault", or something with the OS / config which mysteriously changed.
  2. Thanks for confirming my experience. I wasn't really paying attention, but that is consistent with the behavior i had seen.
  3. Does it hang for a bit on the IE cleaning? I don't use IE at all, but that's what it does.
  4. Not quite. %localappdata% does not work on XP, unless it is some SP3 addition. You need to add that to your environment variables manually.
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