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  1. What do you mean by Speccy only showing a few about it? Can you post a screen shot of the Speccy Info so we can see what it is showing/displaying. When you installed the new video card did you un-install the old card/driver first then installed the new card driver? Also both programs are different and will show different aspects of the card information. Here is what Speccy shows about my cards.
  2. Have you tried other Themes and does it do it with the other Themes? Also does it display correctly with the Default Theme?
  3. I am running Windows 7 64bit and it installed in C:\Program Files\Defraggler which is the 64bit Program Files section, 32bit files install in C:\Program Files (x86) working fine here.
  4. On my wifes machine and my machine it does that as well. When I installed CCleaner, etc. on both machines all the icons show up beside CCleaner Homepage, CCleaner, Uninstall CCleaner. Once I reboot the machine/s the only icons that stay are the CCleaner and Uninstall. The Homepage icon dissapears. It does it on both of our machines as well as our laptop. all fo these are with Windows 7, this also happened when we had XP and Vista. To fix this I just right clicked the Homepage and pointed it to the correct icon. Why does this do this? Is it a bug? I have even did a clean install of Windows and
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