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  1. Actually all started when I downloaded version 2.29.1111 to upgrade from 2.28.1091. As I always do I check the file in virustotal and receive a report from "Symantec" named "Suspicious.Insight". I found that strange because, as far as I could remember, all previous versions of CCleaner reported completely clean from virustotal. So that's why I decided to check again the 2.28.1091 version. I am sure that on the first time it came clean, so to my surprise, on the second time it reported the trojan. I thought the file could became infected on my disk so i decided to download a new one from FileHippo but the report came the same. I still have the file of the 2.27.1070 version and that one is clean. Anyway, I've check again the latest 2.29.1111 and now it doesn't report nothing so that's the version I'm using right now. To Lucky10: The virus checker I have is AVG Free, but since I've found the virustotal website I use it to check the files too. I guess that having 42 tests is better than just one. I know that sometimes we have a false positive but, althought it was 1 out of 40, how can we be sure?? I think that it was the best interest of all if the guys at Piriform clear this with the antivirus maker, because in the end, if it is not a trojan it should not report as a trojan. Thansk for all of your answers Best regards Jo?o Gomes
  2. I've uploaded the version 2.28.1091 instalation file in virustotal.com website and eSafe report "Win32.TrojanHorse" on it. Here's the virustotal scan link: http://www.virustotal.com/en/analisis/16a78d2e40d864f084442a1cddfdf7713ec9346cdfe23688357e5b885157b7c2-1267549933 I've download all the files from FileHippo. Can someone help me here? Tanks in advance
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