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  1. Thank you, but I don?t think I?ll attempt to edit the registry ! That?s interesting about using a ?;? but would this have any advantages for me?
  2. I?ve not noticed any other settings being affected, but I will keep that in mind ? now I know how to do it ! Thank you Willy2. One question though; now I have deleted the PowerPoint RegKey, will that stop CCleaner cleaning any junk files relating to that application? If so, is there any way I can modify it to include PowerPoint, while still avoiding the previous problem?
  3. Thank you Nergal, but in fact the reason it wasn?t working was because the winapp2 file was placed in Program Files, not the CCleaner folder. As soon as I placed it in the CCleaner folder it worked properly. I tried Willy2?s suggestion from post #15 of changing the upper case K?s in RegKey to lower case, but the problem continued. For anyone else encountering the same problem, the solution is: 1. Start > My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > CCleaner 2. Right-click any free space and click New > Text Document 3. Open the document and click File > Save As and name it winapp2.ini to create a Configuration Settings file 4. Copy the contents of Willy2?s Office 2003 attachment in post #17 and paste into winapp2.ini 5. Change the first line to [Office 2003 (Modified)] 6. Delete: RegKey3=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\PowerPoint\Recent File List 7. Open CCleaner program and in the Application pane, untick the box next to Office 2003 I can now use version 2.32 without altering the settings in Outlook (and Word). Wonderful ! Thank you all for your assistance, especially Willy2. You?re a star !
  4. The only problem I can see is that the LangSecRef value of 3021 does not appear in the list of options on the How To document you referred me to. However, as that value came from your Office 2003 attachment, I assume it is correct. I have tried both 2.27 and 2.32 and no new box appeared in the Application pane for either. Here is winapp2.ini for you to have a look at. Thanks for your time. Office 2003 (CCleaner).txt
  5. Thank you Willy2 I followed your instructions, but no new box appeared in the Application pane of CCleaner. What have I done wrong? There is a Configuration Settings file named ccleaner.ini inside the CCleaner folder. Could this be used instead of Winapp2.ini?
  6. Thank you for the instructions and attachment. Just to be sure, can you confirm: 1. My CCleaner folder is in C:\Program Files, not C:\Documents and Settings\MRG7\Application Data. Is this correct? 2. Do I create Winapp2.ini inside the CCleaner folder or in Program Files? 3. Do I name the file Winapp2.ini or Office 2003 MRG7?
  7. Wow ! That sounds wonderful and amazing that you spotted it. The only problem is I don?t know how to create a Winapp2.ini entry. Can you explain to me? Thank you very much
  8. UPDATE Version 2.32 Unfortunately this annoying little problem remains. I must be the only one suffering from this as all assistance seems to have dried up. It must be a program issue as it happens with each revision, yet version 2.27 works perfectly. Won't the Piriform boys (or girls) take up the challenge and come to my rescue? Thank you in anticipation.
  9. UPDATE Version 2.31 Sadly, I'm still suffering the same problem. Can anybody suggest a fix for me?
  10. Thanks for the additional info, Glenn. I do have the Office 2007 Compatibility add-in ? do you think this could be the source of the problem and if so, could you or one of the Piriform people suggest a fix?
  11. Thanks Glenn. I tried your suggestion, but unfortunately it made no difference. I don’t know if it’s significant, but when I tried to enter the key in Options > Exclude > Registry Key > Browse, the OK button was greyed out if I entered anything after “Data”, so the key excluded is HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Word\Data. Have I done it right? The other thing is, do you know where these changed settings come from? I’m pretty sure Normal.dot doesn’t have any of these settings. Update I tried to amend the Exclude entry by altering it in the ccleaner.ini file. I used “|” between Data and Settings as per your post, but this appeared as “DataSettings” in CCleaner > Exclude so I also tried Data\Settings. However, neither version made any difference and Outlook was changed the same as before. Any other suggestions?
  12. Thanks for the instructions Nergal. As requested: [Options] (App)Empty Recycle Bin=False (App)Wipe Free Space=False BackupDir=C:\Documents and Settings\MRG7\My Documents\Registry Backup CookiesToSave=acronis.com|amazon.co.uk|answers.yahoo.com|britannica.com|dell.com |delluk.myway.com|earth.google.co.uk|earth.google.com|earth.google.com/userguide|euro.dell.com|europe.nokia.com|facebook.com|hotmail.msn.com|identity.v irginmedia.com|live.com|login.live.com|login.yahoo.com|mail.yahoo.com|my.virginm e dia.com|my.yahoo.com|ocado.com|office.microsoft.com|pctools.com|rad.live.com|sky p e.com|tiscali.co.uk|uk.answers.yahoo.com|uk.mg40.mail.yahoo.com|uk.mg41.mail.yah o o.com|uk.yahoo.com|update.microsoft.com|virginmedia.com|webmail.ntlworld.com|www . britishgas.co.uk|www.virginmedia.com|www.virgintrainsfares.co.uk|yahoo.com Language=1033 MSG_CONFIRMCLEAN=False SecureDeleteMethod=2 SecureDeleteType=1 UpdateKey=03/30/2010 06:26:43 AM WINDOW_HEIGHT=726 WINDOW_LEFT=172 WINDOW_MAX=0 WINDOW_TOP=24 WINDOW_WIDTH=1051 It doesn't seem to contain anything that could be causing the trouble, but I hope it tells you what you need to know. Did I mention that the problem doesn't occur if Outlook is left open while CCleaner is run, but this is obviously not ideal. Thanks again for any help you can give me
  13. Thank you for your reply Yes, sorry, it is Office (Outlook) 2003 and yes, I am just talking about the Cleaner section. I do use the Registry section as well, but it is not responsible for this problem as it happens even when I don't clean the registry. I'm not sure what you mean by CCleaner.ini. If you tell me how to find it I will gladly post it for you.
  14. I have reverted to version 2.27 after finding that both versions 2.28 and 2.29 changed my settings in Microsoft Outlook (Toolbars, Zoom and Show Paragraph Marks plus a couple of checkboxes under Tools > Options > Edit tab) when run with Outlook closed (it doesn't happen if it is run with Outlook open). I have tried entering the files cleaned in Options > Exclude, but this didn't seem to make any difference. I am using Windows XP and Windows 2003 (and Mozilla Firefox). Has anyone else experienced the same or can anybody help as I prefer to use the latest versions?
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