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  1. Something worked, as I wrote in a post, thanking all, but that message didn't post. Although I was able to find my quick launch section by right clicking on the task bar and left clicking on quick launch,NOW, every time I turn off my machinc, when I turn it back on, the quick launch section is GONE. Can someone tell me how to remedy this, but also what NOT TO DO with CCleaner to prevent this problem in thr future. The greater the hassle, the less useful the product....
  2. As noted by the forum, I'm a newbie, ot only to the forum but also not computer literate. Before I execute your suggestions, I have a few questions. Should I be in a browser other than IE when I do this? When you say "kill" Explorer.exe, does that mean to "end process". To "file" "New Task" Explorer.exe itlooks as though Ineed to switch to the applications tab to do that. Is my interpretation correct?
  3. After running CCleaner on my XP Pro SP3, my taskbar disappeared, the space for it minimized and I can't expand it or put any of my quicklaunch icons back. I have used CCleaner before, don't recall having this problem, and had not run the registry cleaner (yet). Please advise. Thanks.
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