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  1. Yes, and that is as I thought. I can either go with DBAN (this would be for several older XP machines prior to discarding), or I could manually delete sensitive files, then perform Wipe Free Space on the drives. That would probably serve my purpose. By the way, it is possible to "destroy a building that you are standing in", but I get the point you were making. Thank you for the responses.
  2. Hi Guys, I did some (Google) research and it looks like maybe the older versions of CC could not wipe the OS drive, but the newer versions can? Is that correct? I figure the best place to ask this question is right here! Thank you very much.
  3. If I open task manager when? When I run CCleaner? If you're talking about opening task manager when I have closed Chrome and before starting CCleaner... no, neither of those processes are running. But that might be because I have unchecked the default 'Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed'.
  4. I just reduced the cleaning time dramatically by NOT running a Chrome extension called Click&Clean automatically before running CC. It cut the 4+ minute time in half, which is good, but still too long. Has anyone heard of other Chrome users encountering this issue with CC? Thanks for the added winapp2.ini advice.
  5. Hello, and thanks for the fast reply! So, you're saying that CCEnhancer might be to blame, due to the winapp2.ini? I want to make sure that I understand you.
  6. Using CC v3.10.1525. I am experiencing exceedingly long runtimes with CC, especially when it gets to Chrome internet cache. It often cleans 80-280 mb and takes 4 minutes or more. I run CC after every browsing session, daily, sometimes twice daily. The culprit seems to be Chrome. Running CC when I used to use IE8 browser took hardly any time at all. I am using secure deletion, with 1 pass overwrite, and also have Wipe MFT Free Space enabled, but not Wipe Free Space drives. I also recently added CCEnhancer, but to the best of my recollection, these extreme cleaning times were happening ev
  7. That's saying something, right there. In fact, I had checkied it for a day, then went back and unchecked it. Thanks Nergal and kroozer for the info.
  8. I just installed v3.01.1327 over v3.00.1303. This certainly is a wonderful program, for which I am very thankful! My question is a simple one. If a user decided to check Sun Java in the Internet Application section, what sort of cleaning would take place? And why is it not a default... i.e. it would seem that most users do not want to enable Sun Java cleaning, and why is that? Appreciate any input.
  9. Aha! The Advanced setting is not ticked. Thank you for clarifying that for me. Can you give me a rough idea of how long the 1 pass WFS usually takes on a 100+/- GB drive?
  10. Crap. Upon further review... I guess CCleaner really does wipe free drive space. That's insane. I mean, my C drive is selected by default, and I run CC daily, and it NEVER takes more than 15 seconds (30 tops) to run. If it is wiping 128GB of free space doing 3 passes, that should take ages, I would think. What am I missing, folks? I'll tell you this, I've unchecked WFS.
  11. I did a little more checking. The MFT size on my 149GB HD is currently 183 MB. I'm using about 21 GB of this drive, so the MFT is somewhere around 1% of the used space. 98% of the MFT is in use. That leaves less than 4 MB of free space that can be wiped in my MFT by CCleaner.
  12. Getting back to WFS, as some here are referring to it. It is my understanding that CCleaner wipes MFT free space, not the entire HD. I have read that a hard drive that is configured for Windows NT will normally set aside roughly 12% of the space for the master file table. While this may still seem excessive to some, wiping the MFT is not the same as wiping free space on the drive. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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