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  1. Thanks. That seems to have solved the problem.
  2. I have CCleaner Free V5.66.7716 (64 bit) and I use Custom Clean with settings as shown on the 2 attachments – Windows settings and Application settings. I have recently switched from using Google Chrome as my browser to using Microsoft Edge as my default browser. I have noticed that CCleaner deletes the Log In information for OOKLA Speedtest on Edge but not on Chrome even though I have ticked “Remember me”. Do I need to change the CCleaner settings for Edge or is there a bug in CCleaner?
  3. Thanks. That's the answer but is this documented anywhere? If you tap Help you get a CCleaner for Android screen but I could not find any help specific to this app.
  4. Memory-Map maps are installed in Download/Memory-Map/DMS by default and are deleted by CCleaner for Android unless you untick Downloaded Files in Settings (or at least that's the only workaround I could think of). This seems a bit crude as there are probably other downloaded files that should be deleted. Is there a more elegant solution? On my PC, Memory-Map maps are installed in C:/Maps_v5 and are not deleted by CCleaner.
  5. Piriform have stated that it was a mistake in the Release Notes for v4.10 to say that Spotify cleaning was included!
  6. I was pleased to see that V4.10 includes Spotify cleaning. I installed it but Spotify is not listed under "Applications". Is this correct? At the moment, I have set "Custom Files and Folders" to delete C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage\*.*. Should I delete this if CCleaner is now doing it as part of its normal process?
  7. I have done this but you need to tick "Recurse Subfolders" for it to work. When I restarted Spotify, I was asked to enter my password but, otherwise, Spotify seems to work as before.
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