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  1. Yes and it still wont allow permission changes. What now?
  2. this does not work still get error message - "Error opening key" when trying to change permissions even when logged on as Administrator.
  3. Sorry people being New tears Eve i should have said that i have said that i have had NO joy with any of the solutions suggested so far. Please keep the ideas coming . HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL never mind the protocal.
  4. Here i am again having raised this problem on another thread and hve had the same advise. i have had joy on any of ther suggested solutions in both threads. I hasve noticed that after Xmas when installing new digital camera software -Kodak and Cassio i end up with even more unused file extensoions than before. On using Regedit - i am told i ado not have permission to change but i can look at the permissions screen. on trying to alter using administrators rights the system will not accept them. this problem seem to be more than a specific users problem. Are we getting to the stage where we no longer have control of our own ps's
  5. Have got Administrator prevleges. I suspect the Reg Del Null is not downloading correctly, Have downloaded Zip file and opened it to desk top only two files README and a shortcut to program appear.. How many files should there be
  6. Tried this. on zip file opening get .exe and README files installed in Windors dir. Program will not run It seems the harder I try the deeper the hole gets. Maybe its time to stop and learn to live with it As an aside - I have noted reports in other forums about the same XP registry files no one has yet come up with an answer. thanks all for your help
  7. have tried this but cant get program to run keep the suggestions coming
  8. cheer up you are not alone i have the same problem 82 issues -unused file extensions and Activex. Have tried to remove manuallly using reg edit but get error message cannot open-------- error while opening key can anyone tell me what this is and how to fix it . an iodiot's guide please as i am not to familiar with registry workings. yours in hope Norm
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