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  1. mmm... my file "Outlook Express emails.zip" is there all the time - so before and after recuva command. Funny thing is I don't use email but this file varies in size. Its either zero byte or "unknown". The Unknown size does recover to dozens of small files containing only zero zero characters. I am going 100% cloud, so gmail, facebook, etc. Outlook is on the PC but no e-mails. I'm sure you're right, but puzzled about specifics. Where did you get the info?... Cheers, Meadows.
  2. Yes - thats the one. What's the secret?
  3. Hi Graham. I'm curious to know if your remaining files are of a particular type. I have one which remains recoverable - it's a .zip. Cheers, Meadows
  4. Try this: use CCleaner. Check the option to wipe free space and wipe MFT. (I'm assuming you mean "wipe" or "overwrite" and not "delete" as Recuva is dealing with already deleted files which can be recovered.) This should overwrite all the files Recuva doesn't. Then look in Recuva to see if anything has changed. P.s. you'll need the latest version - v2.29.xxxx. Let's know if it works.
  5. Meadows

    Wipe MFT only.

    Sure. Use the cancel button - that should clean up before exit.
  6. Meadows

    Wipe MFT only.

    Oops, sorry about the 20 days - holiday in the sun.
  7. Meadows

    Wipe MFT only.

    Hi Augeas, the indication that it has been done is also in Recuva. After MFT wipe in CC go to Recuva and scan for recoverable files. The MFT is full of recoverable files of 600 zero bytes in the incremental zz...........zz format. The way CCleaner "wipes" the MFT is to create enough of these files to fill all the free space in the MFT and then delete them, thereby (I suppose) completely deleting or overwriting all the old filenames. Cheers, Meadows
  8. Meadows

    Wipe MFT only.

    Hi Guys. I notice that no-one sees any advantage in wiping MFT without doing a full disk wipe. Let me explain: I have a fast way to clean the disk. Lets assume we can start with a clean MFT and a clean disk. After use, especially online, we are going to have a number of deleted temp and other files which are recoverable. To overwrite them I go into RECUVA, scan for files, check all files in the "recoverable" list and select the option "Overwrite checked" . Disk free space is totally overwritten again (I know, maybe not totally...) Done in seconds instead of an hour or more required to overwrite disk free space in CCleaner. What I have is an incremental operation instead of a complete re-run. The only problem remaining is that Recuva can't overwrite in the MFT. Message "not overwritten...file is resident in MFT". So first I "wipe" MFT in CCleaner, then overwrite recoverable files in Recuva. Three minutes. Cheers, Meadows P.S. FearNothingProductions, I do run WFS and then stop it when MFT is finished. It is probably a "terrible idea" but seems to work for the mean time. Do you see any real dangers? Best idea is definitely separate options in a future release. Piriform?
  9. Meadows

    Wipe MFT only.

    I can now answer my own question! My latest update (v2.29.1111) does the MFT wipe before the disk free space wipe. Very useful. Cheers, Meadows.
  10. Meadows

    Wipe MFT only.

    Hi guys, Congratulations on the option to wipe MFT. I'm delighted with the results. I would like a menu option to go directly to wiping MFT, rather than having to wait for a full free disk space wipe. Any suggestions? Cheers, Meadows.
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