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  1. how to stop it from jumping to system tray when minimizing? where did you hided the option now?
  2. any chance that will be Winapp2.ini update? thanks!
  3. thank you, it's just what i needed!
  4. this option don't need to be by default, and not must created log file... but would great to see what files was deleted and not only "system - temporary files: xxx,xxx,xxx..." it don't has to make multi log files many options to users who want it... it can make 1 big log file/many log files with every run with all time/date/what was deleted...
  5. hi! - is it possible to make option that will show what files was deleted in same window where info completed work showing +info of the files: size, folder, date...? - if yes, can be log file with date+time created that will have 2 options: only "simple" like what ccleaner showing at end of cleaning now and "advanced": "simple" log+what files was deleted...
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