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  1. Windows XP, SP3,Office 2003. Latest CCleaner version 3,1389 or 1388 not deleting list of last opened documents in Word 2003 I went back to version 3.00 1303 and recently accessed (MRU) documents are being deleted. I apologize if this was already mentioned PC
  2. Ran Ccleaner on Windows 7 64 bit Toshiba laptop. All win 7 patches are installed. Have latest CCleaner. After rebooting laptop Ccleaner would flash a Dos like box quickly and it would not launch the program. I then uninstalled and reinstalled CCleaner on this 64 bit laptop and changed the setting in CClenaer to save settings to INI file. Program worked fine until I rebooted. Still disappeared after clicking it. I tried various settings with UAC on/off. Only other resident program is Avira Anti-virus. So then I decided to change the compatibility of CCleaner on Win 7 to XP and now it seems to be working fine. Any ideas?? Did not have this issue on vista but that was a 32 bit verison of Vista. Thanks Peter
  3. I posted in wrong section of forum. Sorry In any event I found out by reading a few items on Google that if you select SECURE DELETE in CCleaner that it sometimes affects the deletion of files. If you use normal deletion then the prefetch files I selected with file type of *.pf will be deleted. Peter
  4. I added to the OPTIONS INCLUDE to DELETE all prefetch files in C:\Windows\prefetch that are of file type *.pf, it did not delete any files. Also tried with no file type (ie, delete all files). Still no deletion. I had already unchecked the "Delete old prefetch data" box. I then checked the box and it still did not delete any prefetch files. Okay, so then I decided to try to delete ALL files in C:\windows\prefetch EXCEPT to EXCLUDE layout.ini which is the file that is always supposed be there else you will have to recreate it. Still did not delete any prefetch files. HOWEVER, I noted the prefetch file names were similar to: IEXPLORE.EXE-2D97EBE6.pf, IPCONFIG.EXE-05D7908C.pf -- long file names. Not sure if this is relevant. I did have the box checked for Customer Files and Folders. Thanks for any help Peter
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