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    Physical Fitness in general, including just walking, to weight-lifting and such. Just about anything dealing with actual Native American Culture. I also try to be a "Gearhead - Motorhead" about any vehicle "motorized." This would include aeroplanes, trains, boats (ponds to oceans), and them automobiles.<br /><br />I enjoy just watching nature as well. Park benches to time at the beach. I can not swim, but I can wade all day if I have the time to.<br /><br />Enjoy aspects of Buddhism, Hinduism (sp?), with some Muslin, Islam maybe... Hard to say or write. I do not seem to stay in one area or religion entirely. Mostly a Philosophy thing. I have been doing some form of meditation since I was in early elementary school.<br />
  1. Hello , Yep, I had that piece of software as well. Currently the software does not find anymore scraps of the "nVidia stuff" that could be still on my hard-drive or in the registry. I checked for updates then used the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Phyxion.net\Driver Sweeper\Driver Sweeper.exe" or simply put "Driver Sweeper" I also tried the most current driver by Intel, the driver version at the actual time of manufacture for my HP Pavillion, and the drivers 1 and 2 years before the actual manufacture of my HP Pavillion. Oh Well, I guess I have the March attempts all done for this month. I was able to get up to a 1600x1300 Display dimensions until the reboot to the screen of nothingness. Before it was maxed at 1400 something by something before the reboot. Too bad it never sticks properly. As the Saga continues to voyage on; I had to roll back to that darn Standard VGA Graphics Driver.... I imagine I will post something similar in April. GentleMon Todd Thursday at 4:13am, 3-4-2010.
  2. Hello, I dust the outside and keyboard about once a week. I have one those anti-static dust brushes (more like a broom) to use, multi-colored as well. About every six months I remove the side panel (one thumb screw there) and vacum out the inside carefully. A use a bristle type brush at the end of the vacum hose, tower is on its side. I will also remove the fan(s) on the cpu and main chasis fan. I then use fingernail polish remover on the end of a Q-tip to remove "particles" from the fan blades and edge of housing, but not on wires or sensors. Not a bad idea to remove all of your cards and even memory sticks to really get the finer dust of everything, whether individual cards or entire motherboard. I use a micro-fiber cloth and LCD/Plasma TV Screen spray (in blue bottle, blue clothe, bought at Walmart) to clean my monitor as necessary, usually with the general dusting. It is a 24" LCD High-definition monitor, so I am extra sure to use that micro-fiber clothe with the monitor off. A simple lens cleaning clothe for prescription lenses will do wonders on most services as well, a lot cheaper too. I tend to have cat hairs with static cling to remove mostly. The clothe by itself is used more than the actuall cleaning spray and clothe. I have removed the entire power unit and taken it apart to clean inside of it. Get at the fan, circuit board, heat sinks, and those big old capaciters. You really want to make sure that the fan does not stop working due failure. Easy to replace, just that I do not like taking that power unit apart. Seems like it would be to easy to accidently mess it up, never have though. Did I mention I have a long hair (easely sheds) cat name Tigger? She loves to lay on the table that I have my computer on, only if I am sitting there. She will flop on my keyboard if I ignore her. Sometimes, I get lucky and she only wants to give a "chin rub" against the tower. I am assuming she is just letting me know where she stands on ownership and friendship. I know of friends having complete hard-drive failure due to built up dust, dirt, and other things. Not mention complete motherboard failure. Devices, ram, and fans still worked with a different motherbaord, or computer. My older sister's Dell Dimension just stop working, not even the BIOS comes up. But of course, the vents in the back were solid with fuzz and I serioulsy remove 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick solid "Dust Bunny" from under the from face plate (about 4" by 6") in front of the hard-drives. Ironically it was her motherboard not the drives the finally got fried. I was able to recover most of her hard-drive for her. I toke pictures but I can't find them now. I have added a two pictures; one of a power supply apart. Another one of a Dell tower that I had really cleaned out and put back together. The Dell did not have any viruses or software issues, just to many dust bunnies and a faulty fan. Of course we all know to unplug the power cord at the power supply your computer first. Then press the power button to fully discharge any remaining or built up charges. Sometimes a LED on the motherboard will let you know when everything is fully discharged (off is discharged). I thought I would just add that at the end, everyone knows of static electricity. GentleMon Todd, Monday, 2-22-2010 at 10:41pm. Postscript: having some fun with the Emoticons.
  3. Currently I have "Device \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0" in the Grahics Tab under Monitor of Piriform Speccy. But after I update to the proper Intel P35/G33/G31 Grahics chipset, I have "Device \\.\DISPLAY1\ " in the Grahics Tab under Monitor of Piriform Speccy. Here is a simple snapshot of the tab that I am talking about... Click to Enlarge. Can anyone tell me if this (Device \\.\...) is "something" in the registry or if this is referring to some "directories" on my hard drive? I would asssume that it is in the "C:\Windows\" or "C:\Windows\sysWOW64\" directories if not a registry reference. My basic problem is that with the proper and cerified graphics drivers installed I end up with a black screen of nothingness after logging on to an user account. I see the BIOS Screen, Windows Vista booting Screen, and finally the Welcome Screen all properly. After logging on to an user account I see nothing. I will then reboot (by holding the power button) fine with the same results. I realize that this might be the correct forum, but I thought I would go for it anyways. Piriform Speccy is an awsome debugging and reference tool. I also use "SIW" and "PC Wizard 2010" as well Please refereence my post in the Hardware forum for more details. Black screen after grahics driver update from "Standard VGA Graphics" High-Definition display hardware problems Gentlemon Todd Monday, 2-22-2010 at 9:01pm.
  4. Thank you, both of you. However... Nothing showed up in the event log as an error or as an informational message that was of any use to me. I did the whole F8 thing and checked my graphics was set to onboard grahics. I reset the display to Low-Res, installed drivers again and used the Safe-mode again find the same problems. In the Safe-mode I can see that the "Monitor0" is missing again. Hence, the black screen of nothing after I actually log on to an user account. I will post something in the Speccy forum to just see what other responses I get. I will add one more "weirdness" about my problem here... Although I can boot in Low-Res mode, as soon as I reboot normally, I return to the black screen after login. I cannot change anything of the graphics while in the Low-Res mode. So, I eventually have to reboot and start Windows Vista normally. I have tried installing drivers while in the Safe-mode, Low-Res mode, and the nomal Windows startup. And in any possible combination there of. I try once a month to take care of my graphics problem. I knew about the those suggestions before hand, but, what the heck, I tried it again. As you most likely can tell by now, I still end up with the same black screen of nothingness. Unless I rollback to the "Standard VGA Grahics Driver." Thanks again for making suggestions. I will post an actual solution when I come across one. In exception of the abvious and expensive; "Install a new Graphics card in the PCI slot." GentleMon Todd Monday, 2-22-2010 at 7:52pm.
  5. Quick summary of my HP Pavillion m9152p Elite Desktop... Operating System MS Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP2 Installation Date: 31 January 2009, 13:10 CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz Kentsfield 65nm Technology RAM 4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 333MHz 5-5-5-15 Basically a 24" full 1080p High-Definition LCD Monitor with the necessary onboard graphics chipset (computer) to completely support true 1080p High-Difinition Audio/Video. And the issue at hand... My basic problem is that I end up with a blank/black screen after I install the proper grahics driver. The HP boot screen shows up properly, the loading Windows screen shows up properly, and the Welcome screen also shows up properly. When I log on to any account, even an admistrater user account, I end up with a black screen. so I roll back to the basic "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" which does not support any DirectX features at all. But I can actually see what I am doing, typing write now with the "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" installed. This is what I have noticed below; Currently I have "Device \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0" in the Grahics Tab under Moniter of Piriform Speccy. But after I update to the proper Intel P35/G33/G31 Grahics chipset, I have "Device \\.\DISPLAY1\" in the Grahics Tab under Moniter of Piriform Speccy. I used to have a nVidia Graphics card which is currently completly none-operable, so I thought I would just use the onboard graphics until I could afford to buy a new Graphics Card (still like nVidia). It has been over 3 months now and I cannot take this low-grade display abilities that I only seem to get to work. Intel Support does not have any useful comments that work, HP Support tells me to buy a new grahics card, and Microsoft still has not replied in any manner to my issue. With nothing of DirectX supported by the "Standard VGA Grahics Driver", although DirectX 11.00 is installed properly, I end up with several system errors. I cannot use Microsoft Movie Maker by any means. I have the Nero 9 Suite. Well most of the Nero 9 Suite that involves graphics, Nero Showtime & Nero Vision, simply locks or crashes my system. I had no idea how many screen savers needed some form of DirectX to function properly. Most Graphics editting software is painfully slow or none-functionally whether a picture of some sort of video. And the list goes on.. I am sure you understand the problem by now. Oh yeah, everything is distorted or elongated on the display making it's own set of problems. I have used Regedit to search for "Monitor0" & "Display1" in the regristry with no avial. I am sure the missing "Monitoit0" is why I get the black screen after the actual login. Can anyone help me out with this dilema? I so miss the full High-Defintion experience and none distorted text to pictures. Half of Windows Vista features do not work now, did before. I would even settle for actually having DirectX supported so I can use all my software without crashes and lockups. The Nero 9 Suite was expense and very useful. I have a true 1080p High-Definiton LCD Monitor for a specific reason as well. Enough of my complaining, looking forward to getting comments... Gentlemopn Todd, Thursday, 5:45pm on 2-18-2010.
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