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  1. Hey E1, Is there seriously no one that has a clue as to this problem? Nearly 50 ppl have read my post and no responses from any1....'cept myself! LOL. Thx, David
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    LOL!! Somehow, I think that "wily" wont think thats funny...but I sure did!! LMAO @ "who's eric?"
  3. Hey everyone, New guy here...so "hi." Anyway, I use CCleaner all the time w/o a hitch. However, my son used it on his Dell laptop and had ALL of the boxes checked when he ran the cleaner and now he can't get Windows (XP) to boot. He only gets the blue screen of death: "Unmountable_Boot_Disk." I was poking around, Googling this prob and the only thing I could come up with was for him to remove the CMOS battery for 5-10 seconds to reset the system. I seem to remember the old days when- if you removed that battery from your motherboard you effectively killed the CMOS. Then again, I am not sure that was accurate info. In any event, if any of you ole pros have any ideas I would sure be greatful. I feel pretty crappy about this because I was the one that suggested he use CCleaner and now his computer doesn't work. You guys, thanks in advance for any help and I do apologize if this has been covered before. I searched for this issue and came up empty handed. Kind regards, David, aka UCanDream
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