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  1. i cant believe i didnt think of that myself but it seems to have worked also, is there a way to disable it for one site, and leave it for the rest? Thanks
  2. Whenever I clean my computer with ccleaner my pandora.com login info disapears. I sent them an email to ask about what cookies to stop them from deleting, heres what I got back: Pandora keeps all information about your Pandora account in Flash Local Storage. Since this information is stored in a hidden Flash file associated with the Flash plug-in, and not associated directly with your browser itself, it's not technically a "cookie" in the usual sense [for instance, Pandora account information will usually survive an un-installation and re-installation of your browser], but your Cclea
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    thanks that was my problem, somehow that had become unchecked
  4. alexn817


    I think at least one of the purposes of ccleaner is to help delete history of what your computer has been used for (like internet history, etc). In the options menu there is a list of cookies (under cookies to delete). This is practically a list of every website you have been to. I think there should be an option to clear this either manually or with every scan or something else.
  5. its not a huge change, but theres no real reason not to upgrade the one problem i had was where one of my themes wouldn't allow me to see the options window, but i just reinstalled it (the theme, not firefox) and it worked fine
  6. will there be ccleaner support for 1.5 soon?
  7. i get the attached error message i went and tried to figure out the stuff in the CP, but i wasn't sure what to do also, im leaving sunday for about 2 months, so if i dont reply by then i probably won't error.bmp error.bmp
  8. I have a dell dimension 2400 and the cd drive is not reading the CDs. I know it worked a few weeks ago, but now it has stopped. Any ideas, preferably that will not damage my computer if done incorrectly? Thanks
  9. The link in the bottom right to update should not always go to IE. It should go to the default browser.
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