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  1. I recently found this folder, it was not smaller than 700mb. this one seems to fill itself automatically, I don't even use the media player, and the covers were just 4 different ones over and over As this is a huge amount of small files ccleaner should wipe those too! hoping to see the feature soon!
  2. Everytime I want to completely clean up my system, I also delete all the shadow copys and system restore points. (not sure how it's called in english, I refer to the c:\->properties->cleanup->advanced->system files) This cleans up a lot of space in system volume information, of course only if you know what you do. Couldn't CCleaner to this for me? It's running on administrator rights anyways...
  3. hi there! maybe this is not new for you, but there is a little typo in defraggler. instead of "quick defrag" it sometimes says "quick defrah"... no big deal, just to mention it. greetings from germany
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