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  1. Ah, you're right. It's caused by MultipleIEs installation (old IEs used for web development, usually) Thanks!
  2. Actually, no, I didn't fake anything. This is exactly what it tells me no matter how many files are deleted (or how much in size per application gets deleted). This just started doing this to me. I don't even have a TB of that space (~750GB Total). Not sure what else you guys would need to try and track this; but since I'm one of two people who's ran into this, then I don't see it being a big deal heh. I just thought it was funny how it cleaned all that space, especially since it doesn't exist. And yes, Exabyte does exist, it's what comes right after a terabyte. There's also zettab
  3. When I run CCleaner, it reports 11.99 Exabytes (11,993,297,347,015.4MB) was cleaned. Impossible. Just thought I'd bring this up
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