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  1. There seem to be a folder called C:\WINDOWS\pchealth\helpctr\DataColl which seem to have a large number of files that could do with deletion on a regular basis.
  2. I just found this program on MajorGeek (JavaRa 1.06). It remove the old version of Java from your system, how about add that into CCleaner. I noticed it listed java on your side-bar, but it obviously doesn't delete the old version of java. Ran it on one PC and it removed 9 version of java, and at 72Mb a pop thats about 648Mb. I don't understand why Sun/Java don't clean up after their selfs when there do the upgrade, but then we wouldn't need CCleaner then would we .
  3. After using CCleaner a year or two now, I just notice that it doesn't clean out the bin in outlook pro. How about having it added in (as two other email programs). I know and have known a lot of people that don't setup the properties on the deleted bin, so the stuff sit there for years.
  4. I download 2.02.525 yesterday and have notice that its not clearing the form data in IE7 and i'm sure it use to.
  5. I've notice that there is a hidden directory call IE7 in the windows directory which is only used when its installed, and MS decided not to tidy this up after the install. I've deleted it from a number of machines now without any side effects. how about adding it to CCleaner? There are a couple of other directories I'm not sure about windows\installer, I think this has stuff in you download, windows tents to download stuff and then copy it to the required directory, and I don't think its cleaning up after itself. And IE7Update needs to be cleared, MS in its wisdom stores the patches fo
  6. Hi, I found a problem, "Auto Complete History" doesn't get cleaned up in IE7, Proable because there 2 places to clean it up now in "Internet Option", the new location is under the Gerneral Tab, Browser History.
  7. came a cross something I thing should be added in a future release, maybe on a side icon. Build a list of empty folders with the option to delete them and while I think of it, is it possible to add a feature into the Tools/startup screen which allow you to reorganise the startup list, I don't think I ever seen anything that does that. It just I'd prefer to put things like the anti-virus and firewall program at the top of the list and the less useful ones at the bottom.
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