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  1. I think an excellent program feature would be the removal of old user profiles based on last access dates. Add a tab or section that allows you to define a last access date for user profiles. If a user profile has not be accesses within the specified date range CCleaner would simply delete the user profile folder. Say you have a public use computer and all users have their own network logon. Why keep all the user profile data for someone who had sat down behind the machine one time to send one email? Deleting unused/old user profile data by last access date would free up huge amounts of space and save lots of administration time on network computers.
  2. It would be wonderful if I could log into a system with administrative privileges and use CCleaner to scan and clean all user profiles. I want to be able to log in as administrator and scan the Jim, Bob, Jane, Karen, and every other user profile on the system without those users having to actually log in and initiate the scans themselves. I know that cross profile scanning and cleaning is possible as there is an old program that achieves this but it is nowhere as feature rich as CCleaner. For the sake of reference the program is called Temper. If CCleaner could integrate this type of scanning as well as extending those capabilities across externally attached drives CClenaer would be the number one tool in my bag!
  3. We use the same procedures at my orgnization for bady infected drives. It would be amazing if CCleaner could be used to scan multipule user profiles on externally attached harddrives. To take that even furhter it would be great if you could acheive that across different file systems and OS's. Say using an 32 bit XP system to scann and clean multipule user profiels on a 32 Bit windows 7 externealy attached drive.
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