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  1. Hello Experts, I ran Defraggler for the 1st time. The drive started at 56% fragmented and when the defrag was over the drive was 38% fragmented. I see that the number of Fragmented Files and Total Fragments is way down but the percent of drive fragmented and total GB of drive fragments are only down modestly. It seems that this is not a great result in total but perhaps I'm not reading the figures correctly. Is this to be expected? How can I better defrag the drive? Here are the figures showing before -> after Fragmented Files: 6,393 (57.4GB) -> 176 (38.9GB) Total Fragments: 53,029 -> 1,599 Fragmentation: 56% -> 38% Advice and pointers most welcome. ps: This product looks pretty good. It appears to have the the feautres we once had in the old Norton Utilities before Symantec.
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