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  1. if you see i have alink to the MS file that CCleaner is cleaning out info from...it is a file that tels windows if installatiuon went correctly and/or if it should run in vista or /xp3 mode for windows 7. very interesting program if you wish to read it link is in my first post. I have had no ill effects removing it although I don't believe it should be removed...kind of like leaving MS security checked to have its log cleaned then MSE shows it hasn't been updated...kindo stupid to put that cleaning ability in their as if its not unchecked your antimalware app from MS can't tell if its updated so each boot gives you message to update it.
  2. My apoligies then, as I thought it was directed towards my issue. looking at ini file for asus driver/cmedia driver that listing is there to be written so windows is following the path that its told to install. (seeing the files involved and the comma along with MSCONFIG line allowed me to learn about those 2 windows programs and what role they play in the OS and /or Programs.) I have 3 sets of drivers that asus released for these cards... please note one entire line of asus sound cards use virtually same drivers with very little changes in them. That said I do see the only change in last 2 releases were for ASIO 1 to version 2 thats it... which is enough for those of us using cakewalk, ableton, garageband, etc. In the end excluding it was my work around was hoping the CCleaner folks would see this and look into it removing it from future tweaks???
  3. but i don't think based on windows white papers on the "PCA" that it has any business being listed for cleanout as it is clearly explained what it does and those reg lines listed in my first post shouldn't be listed for cleaning. yes i understand you don't clean everything checked. but since i have had Asus sound cards from 2007 onwards and they always had Cmedia drivers CCleaner never once picked it up now they do? My guess is the last update may have had been tweaked a bit too aggressive or someone didn't do their homework on what the files are. Just my opinion. And I give it after asking for help and recieving it thank you very much folks. I sense those that google this issue will be here over time. The paths are in MSCONFIG after the drivers are installed so version 1794 which is latest Asus driver for my card has had it. I had my box built by Puget Systems for photography work with my Nikon raw files and music work with Cakewalk, Ableton, and others that most music folks use. I choose the Asus card as it has been a gem for me over the years and still is. I read the change logs BEFORE installing any new version of any program....never saw a more aggressive listing for registry cleaning... did I miss that?
  4. i have excluded the reg line so it doesn't keep showing up ... Googling it shows a post on asus site about it being part of C-Media drivers which are Asus sound card drivers...mine works fine as for the file i have the cmicnfgp.cpl but not the cmicnfgp.dll in above path in the path which i have since excluded the file isnt there but it is listed in my starttup as part of asus xonar drivers and is here: (this is line from my msconfig which i just coipied from CCleaner Startup) and yes the files are there but not in the location registry line says (C:\Windows\System32\cmicnfgp.dll) STARTUP: Yes HKLM:Run Cmaudio8788 Microsoft Corporation C:\Windows\syswow64\RunDll32.exe C:\Windows\Syswow64\cmicnfgp.dll,CMICtrlWnd
  5. folks in post i made it clear i backed up all and always have any reg setting. my question was simply: 1- why on earth would CCleaner find all the settings with this latest version. yet miss them for all previous versions? 2- why does it keep seeing a legitimate file and its registry setting as something to be removed i linked to the documents on MSDN which tell you what it does.... I would say thats a bug wouldn't you? of course I can exclude it I have. I was making the point it keeps coming back thankfully as its a needed file and reg setting. 3- why clean the PCA listing as windows use it for a reason explained in depth from link to MSDN tech Net article doesn't seem like such a great decision. I like CCleaner and have been recommending it for years and always tell users to make a folder and back up every registry file ever cleaned.
  6. do not wish to double post and didn't see this part of forum prior to posting my issue here http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=38548
  7. windows 7 sp1 64 bit pro up to date with all patches etc. still on IE9 which also is up to date as bank sites don't work with IE10 yet (or mine doesn't). CCleaner version 4.01.4093 64 bit.... ran after updating to this one and here is what it found on reg cleaning after i just cleaned it prior to the update I also backup all updates in a folder in my documents here is the large amount of items it all the sudden found based on the update and while it didn't break anything it did give me a reg line that i clean and back up and it comes back after each reboot. A little windows detective work shows me it's the app that comes up on Vista and Windows 7 when there is a flag raised saying a program wasn't installed properly. I am sure many here have had it come up and either reinstalled or ignored it...... (btw this is a clean install of windows 7 not an upgrade from vista or anything like that I always clean install) first the reg file that found 64 items (or more) that previous CCleaner never saw and reading change log shows no reason why: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 much of above is older versions of programs no longer on computer as newer versions installed as in java 7.22 (even though i have it turned off i still update it and turn it off again. now the line that comes up everytime I reboot and run the regcleaner portion of CCleaner........ Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Compatibility Assistant\Persisted] "C:\\Windows\\System32\\cmicnfgp.dll"=dword:00000010 googling "Compatibility Assistant Persisted" told me what the app was and what it does... but nothing shows me why this program CCleaner shows it or even tries to remove it??? any help greatly appreciated and this is what MS says Compatibility Assistant Persisted is http://msdn.microsof...p/bb756937.aspx
  8. only one on this box as i use it for my photography and audio. don't have "list recent items" checked on start menu. on removal of most items i clean up manually anything left behind thats why i was so suprised previuos version did not pick them up and was the reason for my posts as 99% of what was listed in text file i uploaded had gone through no less then 10-15 registry cleanings as i run it often. they definetly changed new version to either look in different areas on windows 7 64 bit and vista 64 bit as thats way too many items to show up. so i will write it off as just that since al is working well and i have backups.
  9. please disregard as after reading change log i see: "Improved MUI cache cleaning for Vista and Windows 7." and most of the keys were just that.
  10. hi all first post but been using ccleaner for well over a year or two.....anyhow clean install of puget system build vista ultimate 64 bit. i always back up registry cleanup and put files in a folder but i have never had to use one as after going thru XP home on previous computer and vista 64 now and the 5 or so other computers i ran the registry cleaner on again i say never an issue. always update to new version when it comes out. so i ran reg cleaner yesterday with previous version.... got new one today and ran first the cleaner with no problem... and then ran registry cleaner which came up with 93 entries some of which were in other cleanups done like 2 weeks ago after i did clean install. most were reg keys pointing to downloads to desktop, start menu, older files used to update some software etc. my question is what the heck is up????? why did a new version find somethings previous version hadn't? i never had this experience before and i am quite computer literate or like to think i am i have uploaded the reg file if it helps at all but either way pretty weird. i changed it to a text file and uploaded it but it seems to have lost its formatting. cc_20100202_121753.txt
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