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  1. My machine runs vista ultimate 32-bit, nVidia GeForce 8400GS (a low-end card but fits my need) hooked to two displays, a Lenovo L192 wide screen using VGA cable and an HDTV using DVI2HDMI cable. The lenovo is physically on the right side, and is the designated primary monitor, and I keep both running at 1440x900. However, after a few recent video driver updates, vista keeps resetting the configuration upon reboot. It not only resets the monitors' arrangement (left and right), but also resets the the HDTV's resolution to 1080p. I googled for solutions. Some suggested that it is caused by TMM under Windows Task Scheduler. I disabled TMM from running, but the problem is still here. Others suggested that if vista identifies a display as a generic display, it resets the settings each time. I am only able to get the proper driver for L192, but not for the HDTV. Just wondering if anyone has run into a similar situation, and know of a working solution? Thanks in advance.
  2. which model is the Dlink wireless router? please don't say DI524. In any case, if this happens again, you could try the following if applicable: 1. try to switch off your WiFi if your laptop has such a physical switch. wait for 30 seconds and switch it on again. 2. if that didn't fix the problem, open a command prompt as an administrator and do the following: ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew a quick reboot probably doesn't help too much because windows caches some settings
  3. great. I will check out all the suggestions yens made. thanks.
  4. Does anyone know of a good and free freespace wiper? Sure, CClean has wipe free space option, but this is not the same as what I have in mind. CClean only wipes unoccupied sectors. Many years ago, when PGP was still doing humanly good, it used to provide a free personal version of PGP that had a freespace wipe function - it not only wipes sectors that are completely unused, but also wipes the unused portion of occupied sectors. But of course, they stopped being nice and stopped giving away anything free anymore. So I am just wondering if anyone knows of some freeware that does this? Thanks.
  5. I reinstall windows every 6mo to 1yr, just to get rid of all the crap different software (including windows update) leaves on the system (yes, there are things that even cclean doesn't remove). But, in order to do so, you must have partitioned your hard drive in the first place and install only windows on your C drive and everything else on your D drive, including your "My Documents", which can be redirected to D drive with ease. Ishi's method is great if you are unable to reinstall windows. But please allow me to add a few more points: 1. before you do defragmentation, disable the use of page file, and then reboot windows immediately into safe mode. do a full defrag there. afterwards, boot into normal windows mode and re-enable paging. 2. don't forget to get rid of some of your restore points. they do take up a lot of space. You can do so using CClean. To prevent windows from running slowly, aside from maintenance, one needs to refrain from downloading and installing junk. I don't even let software such as these come with Verizon/AT&T DSL or HP/Lexmark Printer to go near my computer because they are poorly written and are infested with bugs and advertisement junk. These so-called "Help center" are nothing but trouble. You need the driver for your printer, you say? Then use device manger to pick out the driver from the disc, or from online.
  6. well, it's been a while since I used XP, and I just assumed that as an admin, you could access another user's account. On vista, it lets me do so.
  7. this doesn't always work, especially for some system software which has complex startup options. if you simply drag it to startup folder, you will be missing out on options.
  8. sorry I didn't emphasize this. please drag with the RIGHT mouse button, not the left button. then as soon as you stopped dragging, it will show a small menu, which should have "copy here, move here, and create shortcut here" pick "create short cut here". make sure you put the executable back to its original location or it won't work and you need to do this when you are logged in as your DD. if not (if your DD doesn't let you know her password), then you need to be an administrator, and open the folder represent her desktop, which should be c:\documents and settings\<DD_user>\Desktop\ and create a shortcut there instead of your desktop
  9. are you using a different language than english, possibly some unicode language? in many cases, square is caused by the incapability of rendering unicode fonts under non-unicode locale.
  10. No problem marmite. ambiguity on my part. but glad to know I am not the only one seeing this issue (otherwise it would mean something is incorrect with my system)
  11. edit the registry: HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run/ and delete the key that says ccleaner that's exactly what the check box in the options/settings does, but with registry, you can make a .reg file and apply it to all computers. see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310516 for syntax
  12. I think slipo was saying the samething - because a non-admin user can only obtain elevated privileges by picking an admin account to install it, and the result, which is consistent to what you said, is that only that admin has the program group and icons created. it would be nicer if the install shield for CClean is changed so that it creates the program group and icons under the public account instead of a specific user account.
  13. hazelnut - sorry, I was merely curious and didn't realize what this subject was leading to until you said it. Please delete this post.
  14. there are various 15-day or 30-day trial ware, and I have been intrigued about where they save the information so that even after uninstallation and reinstallation, they still know when it was initially installed and tell you it is expired. I originally thought that information is written to the registry, and the uninstallation process does not clean that particular entry. But after running CClean, I am not so sure anymore, because CClean fixes registries by wiping out orphan entries, but that software still knows, so I ended up paying for it. But I am still wondering how it does that. Does anyone know?
  15. Find where CClean was installed, most likely in C:\Program Files\CCleaner\, and drag CCleaner.exe with right mouse button to your desktop and then say "Create Shortcut here". And from what I know, it seems you have to clean each account separately. Spyware is nasty, and I doubt you can root it out using CClean. BTW, what the heck is DD?
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