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  1. kroozer and hazelnut you've both been very positive. I'm happy to at least get a reply for the first time in 3 months. (from both of you.) I'm not usually one to rely on faith alone. "Suggestion threads" feel a little too much like "praying to god" for me, waiting on the hope of an answer. If your Christian, then there should only be one god. If your Atheist, there shouldn't be any gods. In lots of other cultures, there are many gods. I'd rather not have to submit my suggestions on faith and prayer that they are even being looked at. There is enough enigma's in the universe! *^
  2. Yes I can see how 10 suggestions since my last one on April 24 2010 - 05:49 AM could be overwhelming to their team.
  3. Does the Piriform team actually ever READ this stuff? or take any of it into consideration? Cause I realize I've posted here before many many months ago, and no answers were given then either. Is this section of the forum only here to defer requests and helpful ideas to the void? Does the Piriform team value our suggestions? or are we talking to ourselves, so that we are not -bothering- them? Suggestion: reward suggestions with moderator feedback.
  4. [1.] The following options lack a text input box for file pathes, settings > options > exclude > add > Drive or Folder [Text input box] & [browse Dialog] settings > options > exclude > add > File [Text input box] & [browse Dialog] This tends to be an easy fix for most programs, and would be beneficial to those who know their path, work with scripts, or have their paths copied in clip board. Please add functionality for text input boxes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [2.] How can i set Defragglers ram u
  5. Regarding Defraggler: In the near future, Will there be >>more<< controls for what file types go to the Front and what go to the back of disks?, (More then what is currently provided, eg:(large files+ext to end of disk)) and in what order those files are stacked in? Example: Such as, .ZIP's dead last, then .AVI's, then .MP3's then .JPG's, But .EXE's and .DLL's come first, then .CPL, then ,.DRV in that order. Or additional controls, for specific files and folders to be positioned fore or aft of the disk? Or options for controlling by date, and number of
  6. What if your using Defraggeler on drive G: and Windows Defrag on drive M: simultaneously?
  7. I've tried Various settings, and obviously Both options: Defrag FreeSpace Defrag FreeSpace (allow fragmentation) On a Fat32 drive with 19% free space, out of 150GB total and only 7 fragmented files, Defraggler is causing Massive fragmentation of files, (thousands of fragmented files!!). each fragment is roughly only 2 pieces. But it's still fragmentation. Same issue occurred on a physically separate NTFS drive. I thought Defraggler was supposed to be moveing small files into the freespace chunks, or already fragmented files into the free space chunks. Why is Defragg
  8. Defraggler is at the top of the speed list when it comes to Defragmentation software. Or is it? I've been running a few experiments on IDE, USB, and SATA drives in the 7200 RPM range. (Aka: Average drives.) The test pc is a 2.4gh, with DDR1 ram, running Windows XP Pro Service pack 2 (Aka: Nothing special or fantastic.) There is roughly 6TB of data storage capacity on this pc, dispersed between EIDE, SATA, and USB drives, ranging from FAT32 to NTFS. and across them, 4tb of data is used. I've discovered something rather fascinating. Unless you've specific file dynamics intended fo
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