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  1. Thank you for clearing this issue for me. I was alittle confused because my antivirus didn't detect anything. I appreciate your prompt & professional reply.
  2. Was there really a trojan in CCleaner? I get the impression that this wasn't real?
  3. Thank you. That was a very good reply. I will consider everything you said & check out the links. Thanks again. I appreciate your time. Very professional.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I understand & see what you are saying ("?Improved MUI cache cleaning for Vista and Windows 7") but over 80 Missing MUI References to pop up after updating CCleaner seems a bit unusal. I have never seen this in CCleaner & I have been using CCleaner for a decent amount of time. I don't want my computer to crash or not run properly.
  5. Yesterday after I updated CCleaner & ran the Registry Integrity, over 80 Missing MUI References popped up. Prior to the update, there were no registry "problems" after running the Registry Integrity. I am afraid to run the "fix selected issues" (in fear that my computer may not run properly or crash thereafter).
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